(married to Elizabeth Mallory and son of Jesse Lane and Winifred (Aycock) Lane). A copy of the will was obtained from the State Archives in Jefferson City, Missouri.

"In the name of God Amen. I Charles Lane of the County of Gasco- nade and State of Missouri being of sound and disposing mind and memory viewing this uncertainty of life and the certainty of death as make ordain and publish this my last will and testament. First I commit my everlasting Soul to him who gave it to be by him disposed of at his will and pleasure. Secondly I give and bequeath to my children all my real and personal except one of my black people ( ? ) Amy a black woman which Negro Slave I Leave at liberty to work and do for herself but are to live and remain with my Children and to continue under their control and to be by these Governed. Henry Hickerson Lane has received all that I intend to give him. William Washington Lane is to draw a part of what I sold of my Estate. Lunchford Long Lane is to have the Land that I now live on and Ben, a black man. Martin Milton Lane has Received one hundred and Seventy four dollars and he is not to draw any more until the rest draws as much of what is to be sold. Huldah Harriet Lane Davidson has received Seventy dollars and She is to draw no more till the rest of the Children draws equal. Canarow Charles Lane is to draw a full Share of what is sold. Sarah Sophia Lane Webster is to draw a Share of what is to be sold. Mary Malerey Gibson is to draw a share of what is to be sold. Joseph John Lane has received his Share and I don't intend to Give him any more. Elizabeth Elvira McChord has received her Share and I don't intend to Give her any more. There is three Black Girls to be sold amongst the Children if they will Buy them and a piece of Land Joining Martin M. Lane to be Sold and divided among the Children that have not gotten their Share. In Testimony Whereof I the said Charles Lane have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal this April 8th 1833.

Signed- CLane

William Brown
Ethan Brown
I appoint Lunchford Long Lane and Martin Milton and Canarha Chareles Lane my Lawfull Executors.

State of Missouri
Gasconade County"

Note: There is a short paragraph stating that John B. Harrison, Clerk of Gasconade County, Missouri believes this to be the last will and testament of Charles Lane based on the testimony and witness of William Brown and Ethan Brown. J. B. Harrison then sets his hand and gives the seal of said court to the will on 8 August 1833.

The above Will was submitted by Jack Lane [email protected]. He is a direct descendant of Charles LANE.
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