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Updated - 21 Feb. 2002

The following Biographies are from the Kentucky Biography Project. The ones listed below contain Biographies of Lanes and/or referance to Lanes. They can be reached by going to the main site at : Kentucky Biographies

  • ALLEN, Prof. James Lane

  • BAILEY, D. L.

  • FORGY, Hon James Monroe

  • GILMORE, Richard Neal

  • GRAVES Family

  • HILL, Theodore Mcdonald

  • LANE, Will

  • LOWEY, T.A.

  • MARSHALL, Gen. Humphry

  • MULLENS, Robert C.

  • PHELPS, Thomas

  • PUSEY, Dr. Chrles M.

  • SMITH, Henry Clay

  • SPICKARD, Elbert Evan

  • WHITE, James L.

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