William Lane of Fairfax, VA

William Lane, will probated 1808, Fairfax Co. VA

I William Lane of the county of Fairfax and state of Virginia, being in imperfect health, but enjoying the due exercise of my understanding and being desireous to divide my estate amongst my children, so that there may be no contention amongst them after my decease, do make and ordain this my last will and testament herby revoking all other heretofore by me made, and declaring this to be my last will and testament in the manner and form as follows, viz:
I give and bequeath unto my grand daughter Julyan Rooles, eight hundred pounds current money of Virgnia, which Eight hundred pounds is dew to me by her father Joseph E. Roles by bond, bearing date on the same day with these presents. The aforesaid bond with the interest that may be dew thereon from the date thereof, it is my will shall be paid to my granddaughter aforesaid, when she arrives at the age of twenty one years. This legacy I give as the balance of her mother H.E. Lanes portion.
I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Nancy Fitzhugh, one hundred and sixty acres of land which I purchased of William Ambler and now is in the possession of Harrison Fitzhugh her husband, and also the following slaves viz: Mary, Shadrick, Jane and Harriot, also all the stock and household furniture given her at the time of her marriage, to her and her heirs forever.
I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Sally Rooles, two hundred and ninety eight acres of land called Oakhill and including to make up that quanity eighty three acres which had been leased by John Troublevile to my father James Lane, the above two parcels of land whether they contain more of less are the lands intended to be given by this bequeathe, and also the following slaves viz: (Bick or Beck?) and her infant child Jack, Harry and Anna, together with the stock and furniture given her at the time of her marriage, to her and her heirs forever.
I give and bequeath unto my daughter Susana W. Lane, all the remaining part of those lands I purchased from Richard and John Troublevile these lands were formerly leased to my father James Lane, but it is my will that she shall not be put into possession of the above lands until her marriage, or till the death of her mother, unless it be by the concent of her mother first obtained, and it is further my will that my aforesaid daugher Susanna shall be entitled too and receive one seventh part of all my personal estate not already disposed of, subject to the same restriction with the land already mentioned.
I give and bequeathe unto my two daughters Patty Coleman and Lydia Lane the two tracts of land I purchased of Francis and Thomas King and Elizabeth Thomas, to be equally divided between them and the same portion of my personal estate as their sister Susana is to have, and the land and personal property to be subject to the same restrictions and limitations with those devised to their aforesaid sister Susanas, that is not to be given them till they are married or till the death of their mother, unless by her concent.
I give and bequeath unto my two daughters, Elizar and Abby that tract of land on Horsesew Run I purchased of John Troublevile to be equally divided between them, also to each of them the same proportional part of personal property with their sisters last mentioned and the whole of their legacy, real and personal to be possessed at the same time and in the same manner that their sisters are to possess, the part bequeathed to them, that is, at their marriage, or at the death of their mother.
I give and bequeth unto my son David Lane, three tracts of land and one (moiety?) of a forth tract, that is to say, two of these tracts of land are in Prince William County and were purchased of John Evans and one in Fairfax, purchased of James Nisbeth, and the one moiety of a tract I lately purchased on Horsesew Run of Weathers Smith, and also One seventh part of my personal property, but it is my will that this legacy shall not be possessed by my son aforesaid until the death of his mother, unless by her concent first obtained.
I give and bequeath unto my son William Carr Lane, three tracts of land and one moiety of a forth that is to say, the tract on which I now live including the land I purchased of the escecutors of James Hardage Lane ajoining the same, and also that tract now in the tenure of Thomas Cook and known by the name of (Lanfords?) Tract, and one other tract I purchased of Theodorick Lee and now in the tenure of William B. Sears, and the other moiety of that tract on Horsesew, a part of which is already willed to his brother David, and also the same proportion of personal property that his brother is to have, none of this legacy shall be put into the possession of my son aforesaid till the death of his mother without her consent first obtained, and it is further my will that my land in Kentucky be sold by my esecutor hereafter named, and the money arising from the sale thereof, together with all other money that may be left in their hands after my debts and funeral charges are discharged together with the use and intrest of the lands and other property disposed off in the former part of the will, shall remain in the hand of my wife for her comfort and support, and the support and education of my seven children, that is to say: Patty Coleman, Susana Lane, Lydia Lane, David, Elizar, Abby and William Carr Lane, this property shall remain in the hands of her my aforesaid wife Sally Lane, during her life or widowhood, as that case maybe (except whearin?) the marriage of any or all my daughters may make it necessary for them to draw the several legacies bequeathed to them, which they are entitled to do by the former part of this will. And lastly, I appoint and ordain my beloved wife Sally Lane and escecutors of this my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this eleventh day of February, one thousand eight hundred and eight.

Will Lane

Jeremiah Moore
Wm. Maffitt
Coleman Browne

At a court held for Fairfax County the 18th day of April 1808... This last will and testament of William Lane deceased, was presented In court by Sally Lane the (escecutrise?) herein named, who made oath hereto, and the same being proved by the oath of William Maffitt and Coleman Brown, is admitted to record, and the said escecutrise having Performed what the law requires in such cases, certificate is granted her for obtaining a probate hereof in due form..

Wm. Moss (Ct.?)

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Source: Library of VA. (Archives Dept.)
Reel #30
Will book J1...1806-1812
Unpaged index...435[1]p

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