Death Records

DEATH RECORDS 1867- 1938

Various individuals in Lawrence Co, Ohio.

The following death records I personally have transcribed which is of many folks who lived in and near Lawrence Co., Oh. This is not a complete list of all the death records, just what I have accumilated.

These records can be found on Microfilm at the Family History Center which are Found on MicroFilm Roll #'s :
Deaths v. 1-2 (A-N) 1868-1938 # 0317744
Deaths V. 3 (O-Z) 1868-1938 # 0317745
Deaths V. 1-3 1867-1908 # 0317746.

From Probate Records Vol's 1, 2 and 3.

Abbrevations d.= death, b.= birth, F-=father, M= mother, S=single, W=widow/widower; ML= Male; FM= Female; COD=Cause Of Death; MAR= Married; O- Occupation; _ = could not decipher the writing; COL= colored; ( )= questionable.

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