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Fifth Generation


11.      William Rolstone b. 1757, Rockingham Co., VA, m. Apr 16 1782, in Rockingham Co., VA, Mary Hopkins, b. 1755, Augusta Co., VA, d. Aug 28 1823, Bull Creek, Wood Co., W.VA.  William died Jul 13 1807, Bull Creek, Wood Co., W.VA.  Went to W. VA. in 1805.  William, Jesse and F. (Fielding) listed in Will Book A, pg 156, Augusta Co. Mary: Daughter of Archibald Hopkins and Jannet Love


                             i        Archibald Rolston b. Mar 31 1786, m. (1) Aug 16 1804, in Rockingham Co., VA, Elizabeth Henton, b. Aug 17 1785, (daughter of Ebenezer Henton and Amelia Mathews) d. Aug 04 1844, buried Cooks Creek Cem, Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co.,VA, m. (2) Apr 05 1848, in Rockingham Co., VA, Maria Howell, b. Sep 15 1808, d. Mar 05 1887, buried Cooks Creek Cem, Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co.,VA.  Archibald died May 03 1857, buried Cooks Creek Cem, Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co.,VA.  Cited in Deed Bk. #9, R'ham Co., VA, as brother of William Rolston.

                19.        ii      William L. Rolston b. c. 1790.

                             iii     Nathan Rolston b. Mar 10 1794, Rockingham Co., VA, m. Aug 29 1817, in PA, Sarah Harness, b. Mar 10 1796, Hardy Co., VA (now WV)., d. Nov 09 1864, Bull Creek, Wood Co., W.VA.  Nathan died Dec 09 1890, Waverly, Wood Co., W.VA.


12.      David Rolstone b. Oct 20 1760, Rockingham Co., VA, m. Jan 18 1783, in Rockingham Co., VA, Sarah Henton, b. c. 1760, Augusta Co., VA, (daughter of John Henton and Esther Evans) d. c. 1822, (Rockingham Co., VA).  David died June 05 1849, Rockingham Co., VA, buried Cooks Creek Cem, Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co.,VA.  David served in the Revolutionary Army from 1776 to 1781, his last posting at Yorktown, when the British surrendered. Documents are on film, FHC Lib., LDS. The VA Census-1790 shows David Jr: 3 white souls, 1 dwelling, 1 other bldg. The VA Census-1810, Rockingham Co., shows 8 males, 4 females and 7 slaves. Sarah: Sarah's father John was deceased by  date of her marriage in 1783. Benjamin He nton posted the bond. David and Sarah's children are listed on two films in the LDS FHC: #1553685 and #1761049. Some children are listed twice and dates are different from later records.


                             i        Anne Rolstone b. Nov 27 1786, Rockingham Co., VA, m. Mar 28 1805, in Rockingham Co., VA, William Hopkins, b. Jan 17 1777, d. Nov 18 1843, (Rockingham Co.) VA, buried Cooks Creek Cem, Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co.,VA.  Anne died May 12 1812, Rockingham Co., VA, buried Cooks Creek Cem, Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co.,VA.  Anne & William had 3 children

                20.        ii      Jesse Rolstone b. 1788.

                21.        iii     Jacob M. Rolstone b. abt 1790.

                22.        iv     Hettie (Hester) Rolstone b. c. 1792.

                23.        v       Ruth M. Rolstone b. May 20 1793.

                24.        vi     John Henton Rolstone b. Jul 16 1794.

                25.        vii    William Rolstone b. c. 1795.

                             viii   Elenor Rolstone b. c. 1796, (Rockingham Co.) VA, m. Jul 20 1816, in Rockingham Co., VA, John Chrisman, b. Jan 7 1794, Rockingham Co., VA, d. Oct 25 1846, (Rockingham Co.) VA.  Elenor died 1860, (Rockingham Co.) VA.  John & Elenor had 2 children. John: Son of Madison & Lydia Chrisman.

                26.        ix     Silas Henton Rolstone b. Sep 20 1798.

                27.        x       Benjamin Fielding Rolstone b. May 10 1802.

                28.        xi     David Rolstone (Jr.). b. Mar 10 1804.


13.      Henry Rolstone b. abt 1767, Rockingham Co., VA, m. Nov 20 1792, in Rockingham Co., VA, Sarah Samples.  Went to Kentucky c. 1805 - [Src: Swank:"The Ralston Family" and L. Mundinger.] Rockingham Co. Tax List -1787-List A shows a Henry Rolston: no males +16, -21 and 1 horse.


                             i        Abigail Rolstone b. c 1793, m. 1812, in Clermont Co., OH, John Derrough.


14.      Moses Roulston b. 1766, Looney's Mill, Botetourt Co., VA, occupation Subscription Schoolteachr, m. Oct 20 1803, in Jefferson Co., TN, Polly Denny.  Moses died 1829.


                             i        William Jarrett (Jared) Roulston b. May 11 1811, m. Apr 16 1837, Martha Jane Arnett, b. Oct 12 1818, d. Nov 23 1894.  William died Feb 16 1883.  William and Martha had 9 children. [Src: "The Raulstons"]

                             ii      Jane Roulston b. Apr 30 1812, m. (1) _______ Milsaps, m. (2) George Bowers.  Jane died Apr 10 1902.

                             iii     Isabell Roulston.


15.      Elizabeth Roulston b. Jan 06 1770, m. 1792, Capt. William Jared, b. Jun 03 1758.  Elizabeth died 1835.  Moved to Sumner Co., VA abt 1800, as did the other children after 1804. Today the location is near Chestnut Mound in Putnam Co.


                             i        Moses Jared b. Apr 10 1794.

                             ii      Martha Jared b. Oct 10 1795.

                             iii     Naomi Jared b. Sep 17 1797.

                             iv     Joseph Jared b. Mar 11 1800.

                             v       Ruth Jared b. Mar 18 1802.

                             vi     William Jared b. Jun 18 1805.

                             vii    Samuel Jared b. Aug 03 1807.

                             viii   John Jared b. Jun 08 1811.

                             ix     Mathew Jared b. Jul 15 1813, d. Aug 08 1847.


16.      Col. James J. Roulston b. Jun 16 1778, Augusta Co., VA, m. c. 1801, Jane Simmons, b. Mar 27 1782, Charleston, N.C., (daughter of Lt. Robert Simmons and Anne Miller) d. May 12 1870, Marion Co., TN.  Col. died Aug 07 1844, Jackson Co., AL.  B.G.Clepper shows birthplace as Richmond, VA. LDS FHC records show Augusta Co., VA. [Film #1553247, 8812604, Sh 40]   In 1792 he moved with his parents to Dandridge, Jefferson Co., TN. [Src:B.G.Clepper]  See Clepper for account of his military career.


                             i        William O. Raulston b. Oct 20 1802, m. Apr 23 1822, Pricilla Cross, b. May 05 1805, Carthage TN, d. 1895, buried Doran's Cove, AL.  William died 1870.  Pricilla: Daughter of Joel Cross b.Jun 15 1774 and Susanna Fitzpatrick b.Feb 19 1770 [Src: "The Raulstons"- J. Leonard Raulston]

                             ii      Ann Raulston b. 1804, m. Brice Byrne.  Ann died 1880.

                             iii     Robert Simmons Raulston b. 1806, m. (1) Betty Doughty, m. (2) Margaret Bryson.  Robert died 1867.

                             iv     Mathew Harvey Raulston b. 1808, m. Polly Beene.  Mathew died 1875.

                             v       Samuel Raulston b. 1810, m. Millie Beene, b. 1818, d. 1900.  Samuel died 1862.

                             vi     Sampson W. Raulston b. 1811, m. Fannie Beene, b. 1833, d. 1889.  Sampson died 1862.

                             vii    Moses Raulston b. 1813, d. 1827, Illinois.

                             viii   Elizabeth Raulston b. 1814, m. James Robert Patton, b. 1816, d. 1886.  Elizabeth died 1876.

                             ix     Martha Raulston b. 1816, m. Owen Russell Beene.  Martha died 1897.

                             x       Evander McKeever Raulston b. 1818, m. 1841, Barbara Beene, b. 1827, d. 1923.  Evander died abt 1870.

                             xi     James Wallas Raulston b. 1821, m. Laura Eliza Youngblood.  James died 1854.

                             xii    Napoleon Bonapart Raulston b. 1822, m. Eliza Ferguson.  Napoleon died 1878.

                             xiii   John Simmons Raulston b. 1824, m. Mary Wynne, b. 1828, d. 1871.  John died 1906.  Mary: Daughter of Matthew Wynne and Nancy Beene [Src: Clepper]

                             xiv   Brice Byrne Raulston b. 1826, m. 1847, Mildred Wynne, b. 1830, d. 1894.  Brice died 1913.  Mildred: Daughter of Matthew Wynne and Nancy Beene [Src: Clepper]


17.      Samuel Rolstone b. abt 1786, Augusta Co., VA, m. Sep 10 1811, in Augusta Co., VA, Ann Curry, b. 1790, Augusta Co., VA.  Went to Pendleton Co., (now) WVA


                             i        John (B) Rolstone b. abt 1835, Rockingham Co., VA.


18.      George Roulston b. 1767, m. Elizabeth Gilliam.  George died 1804.  Came to Tenn. w/William Blount, appointed by Geo. Washington. George became Tenn's first printer, 1796-1804; moved to White's Fort (later Knoxville); served as first Clerk of Southwest Terr., first Postmaster of Knoxville and Trustee of Blount College, now U of TN. Published first newspaper west of the Applachans-The Knoxville Gazette- and compiled all the laws for not only the Southwest Terr. but for the State of Tenn. until 1804. [Src: 'The Raulstons & The Part They Played...'-Leonard Ralston, S. Pittsburg, TN]


                             i        James G. Roulston.

                             ii      Elizabeth Roulston m. ______ Beckwith.