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1.        John Roulston I. b. Apr 25 1653, Scotland, occupation Lic. to operate Tavern, m. Apr 25 1681, in (Boston, MA ?), Mercy Bumstead Bosworth, b. Nov 20 1649, Boston, MA, (daughter of Thomas Bumstead and Susann _____). John died 1717.


            From "The Search for our Ralston Ancestors in Pennsylvania" by Mrs. Raymond Ralston: "The Ralston name comes from the lands of Ralston near Paisley in Renfrewshire, Scotland.  The family is descended from Ralph, a younger son of MacDuff, Thane of Fife, who obtained a grant of lands from the High Steward in Renfrewshire, which he called 'Ralphstoun,' which became corrupted to Ralston.  Dictionaries of names indicate probable variations to be: de Ralstoun, de Rauliston, de Raulston, Railston, Railstoun(e), Ralphstoun, Rallstoun, Ralsten, Ralstone, Ralstoun(e), Raulphstone, Raulston, Rawlston, Raylston, Rolestone, Rolleston(e), Rolston, Roulstone, Rowlstone, Hrolf and Hrolfstone.  The Ralstons were Lowlanders.  Apparently some were millers, which also is indicated by the name."


                Mercy: Mercy listed as widow of Samuel.


                             i        Mercy Roulston b. Feb 15 1682, (Boston, MA ?), d. 1705.

                2.          ii      John Roulston II b. Jul 28 1684.

                             iii     Thomas Roulston b. Jul 28 1686, (Boston, MA ?).

                             iv     Joseph Bosworth Roulston b. Nov 28 1688, (Boston, MA ?), d. Jul 21 1690, (Boston, MA ?).

                             v       Mary Roulston b. Sep 29 1690, (Boston, MA ?).


Second Generation


2.        John Roulston II b. Jul 28 1684, probably Boston, MA, m. Mar 09 1707, in Boston, MA, Dorothy Nicholson, b. 1687, d. 1721.  John died 1744, Augusta Co., VA.  Some time before 1742, John II moved from Boston to Staunton, Augusta Co., VA. Records show he or some of his family lived for three generations on the tribu taries of the James River, near Richmond. Later, parts of Augusta Co. and the area around Fincastle, where the Roulstons lived, became Botetourt, Co., VA. [Src: "Raulston and Russell Genealogy," Barbara Gonce Clepper - 1986]


                3.          i        William Roulston b. 1708.

                             ii      Mercy Roulston b. 1710, possibly Boston, MA, d. 1711.

                4.          iii     John Roulston b. Aug 17 1712.

                             iv     Mary Roulston b. 1717, possibly Boston, MA.


Third Generation


3.        William Roulston b. 1708, possibly Boston, MA, m. abt 1730, in Botetourt Co., VA, Eleanor _____, b. c. 1712, Augusta Co., VA.  William died Aug 1767, Staunton, Augusta Co., VA.


                             i        Robert Roulston b. (Augusta Co., VA), m. Elizabeth _____.  Robert named in his father's will ("my beloved son Robert") along with David. [NOTE: This is not the Robert Ralston who 'proved his importation from Ireland' in 1740.]

                5.          ii      David Rolstone b. abt 1734.

                6.          iii     William Roulston b. c. 1740.

                7.          iv     Mathew Roulston b. 1742.

                8.          v       Samuel Roulston b. 1744.

                             vi     Andrew Roulston b. c. 1743, Augusta Co., VA.


4.        John Roulston b. Aug 17 1712, Boston, MA, m. Jan 04 1738, in Boston, MA, Ruth Everden, b. 1717, d. 1758.  John died 1775.


                9.          i        John Roulston b. 1740.

                10.        ii      George Roulston b. 1744.

                             iii     Thomas Roulston.


Fourth Generation


5.        David Rolstone b. abt 1734, possibly Botetourt Co., VA, m. c. Mar 19 1755, in (Greenbrier Co.), VA, Ann Copeland, b. c. 1728, d. VA.  David died 1802, VA.  David listed in Greenbrier Co. in 1790 VA Census. David & Ann bought land from Robert & Matthew Rolstone Nov 16 1757 in Augusta Co., VA [Grantee Book 7 Pg 491]. Ann: In a reference to David & Ann(e) Rolstone in the DAR Library, she is identified as "widow." She is identified in Abstracts of Wills of Augusta Co., VA, Will Book #2, as executrix of Benj. Cop(e)land's estate. Ann's death date unknown. Last recorded land transaction of David & Ann was Aug 23 1779; after this Ann not found in documentation.


                11.        i        William Rolstone b. 1757.

                12.        ii      David Rolstone b. Oct 20 1760.

                13.        iii     Henry Rolstone b. abt 1767.

                             iv     Elianor Rolstone b. c. 1756, VA, m. Nicholas Curry, b. abt 1756, VA.  Elianor died KY.  Went to Fayette Co., KY  [Src: L. Mundinger] Nicholas: Father: John Curry


6.        William Roulston b. c. 1740, Augusta Co., VA, m. Nov 01 1761, in Augusta Co., VA, Rosanna (?) _____.  William died c. 1811, Augusta Co., VA.  Rosanna: On March 1758: "William Ralston required to give bond to provide sufficiently for his family." On Nov 04 1758: Rosanna Ralston, wife of William Ralston, is suspected of stealing." On Nov 16 1758: Rosanna Ralston and her husband William Ralston, being persons of ill-fame, are bound to peace." - [Src: Augusta Co. VA Court Records, 1745-1800, Vol. 1, p 324+] (Not a positive identification, but worth considering.-KBW).


                             i        Betsey Rolston. Altho' Betsey is named in her Father's will, she is not one of the children named in the Grantor Records. May have died prior to 1829.

                             ii      William Rolston.

                             iii     David Rolston m. Elisabeth _____.

                             iv     Elenor Rolston m. Jul 14 1788, in Augusta Co., VA, James Rutledge.  Marriage information may not be for this Elenor, but the years/dates seem to fit, and there is no other information for her.

                             v       James Rolston. Rockingham Co. Tax List - 1787, List B shows a James Ralston: 1 wh male +16,-21; no blacks; 7 horses, mules,etc.; 24 head of cattle; and son Robert. [Staunton Public Library]

                             vi     Matthew Rolston.

                             vii    Sarah ("Salley") Rolston m. 1803, John Herdman.  Named in will of William Roulston (Sr.) dated Mar 19 1820; referred to as "Sarah Hirdman." [Src: Augusta Co., VA Wills, Staunton VA.]

                             viii   George Rolston.


7.        Mathew Roulston b. 1742, Bedford Co., VA, m. 1764, in Looney's Mill, Botetourt Co., VA, Martha "Polly" Moore, b. 1744, Botetourt Co., VA, d. 1801, Jefferson Co., TN.  Mathew died aft 12/29/1800, Jefferson Co., TN.  Mathew is listed as a Tax Payer in Botetourt Co. 1782-87 [VA Tax Payers- Harrisonburg Public Lib.] Mathew served in the Revolutionary Army in Capt. Mills' company for Augusta Co., VA in 1783. [Src:B.G.Clepper] Mathew sold his land in Botetourt Co. in 1789 and moved to what is now Jefferson Co., TN. [Src:B.G.Clepper] Martha: Daughter of John Moore.


                14.        i        Moses Roulston b. 1766.

                             ii      William Roulston b. 1768, m. Sep 06 1795, Anne Moore.  William died 1831.

                15.        iii     Elizabeth Roulston b. Jan 06 1770.

                             iv     Samuel Roulston b. 1775, Looney's Mill, Botetourt Co., VA, m. Betsy Lowry.  Samuel died 1830.

                16.        v       Col. James J. Roulston b. Jun 16 1778.

                             vi     Ruth Roulston b. 1781, Looney's Mill, Botetourt Co., VA, m. Mark Young.  Ruth died 1840.  Settled near her sister Elizabeth in Buffalo Valley, Putnam Co.VA around 1800.


8.        Samuel Roulston b. 1744, Augusta Co., VA, m. Sep 11 1766, in Augusta Co., VA, Agnes _____.  Samuel died 1821, Augusta Co., VA.  Died intestate; owned several hundred acres of land on Muddy Creek. Children's names from Grantor Records, Book 46, Pg. 142, Augusta Co., VA Served in Augusta Co. Militia,  Capt. Henderson's Co., Army of the Revolution. [Src: Register of Soldiers of Amer. Rev.- Crt.House, Staunton VA]


                             i        John Rolston m. Feb 02 1800, in Frederick Co., VA, Sarah Cockeran.  In 1811, resident of Washington Co., Tennessee, per Grantor Records, Book 46, Page 142, Augusta Co., VA Marriage record may NOT be for this John but years/dates seem to fit.

                             ii      William Rolston. Resident of Hart Co., KY, in 1821, per Grantor Records (settlement of Samuel's lands) Book 46, Pg. 142, Augusta Co., VA

                             iii     Matthew Rolston m. (1) Mar 17 1799, in Rockingham Co., VA, Jenny Shanklin, m. (2) Oct 27 1808, in Todd Co., KY, Nancy Jones.  Went to Christian Co., KY; Resident of Todd Co., KY, in 1821, per Grantor Reco rds (settlement of Samuel's lands) Book 46, Pg. 142, Augusta Co., VA

                             iv     Moses Rolston m. Feb 21 1805, in Augusta Co., VA, Margaret Bell.  Resident of Krion (Knox?) Co., Tennessee, in 1821, per Grantor Records (settle ment of Samuel's lands), Book 46, Pg. 142, Augusta Co., VA Married by Rev. William Wilson [Src: Register of Soldiers of Amer. Revln. Died & Bur. in Aug.Co., VA]

                             v       David Rolston m. Nov 20 1792, in Rockingham Co., VA, Susan Mathews.  Resident of Christian Co., KY, in 1821, per Grantor Records (settlement of Sam uel's lands) Book 46, Pg. 142, Augusta Co., VA

                17.        vi     Samuel Rolstone b. abt 1786.

                             vii    Thomas Roulston m. Mar 20 1810, in Augusta Co., VA, Nancy Ailshire.  Remained in Augusta Co., VA.

                             viii   Ruth Roulston m. Dec 20 1804, in Augusta Co., VA, John Johnston.  Ruth died by 1823.  At death, left three sons: Thomas, Samuel and John.

                             ix     Mary Roulston m. Dec 17 1801, in Augusta Co., VA, Armstrong Rankin.  Armstrong: Children: Amrstrong Rankin Jr., who died in Audrain Co., MO; and Elizabeth, who married a LaFayette Gall.

                             x       Elenor Roulston m. Jan 24 1820, Richard Rankin.


9.        John Roulston b. 1740, m. Mary Greenleaf, b. 1742.  John died 1803.


                             i        Mary Roulston b. Jan 13 1769, Boston, MA, d. 1848.

                             ii      Elizabeth Greenleaf Roulston b. Oct 14 1770, Boston, MA, d. 1806.

                             iii     Ruth Roulston b. 1772, d. 1826.

                             iv     Jane Roulston b. 1773, d. 1844.

                             v       Eunice Roulston b. 1775, d. 1854.

                             vi     John Roulston b. 1777.


10.      George Roulston b. 1744, m. Mary Stevens.  George died 1781.


                18.        i        George Roulston b. 1767.

                             ii      James Roulston b. Jan 16 1771, Boston, MA.

                             iii     Andrew Roulston b. Apr 05 1773, Boston, MA.

                             iv     Michael Roulston b. May 15 1775, Boston, MA.

                             v       Mathew Roulston b. Feb 27 1781, Boston, MA.