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Seventh Generation


78.       Dorothy Parsons m. Malcolm Nicol.


                             i        Roslyn Nicol (details excluded).


79.       Kathleen Suzanne Abrams (details excluded), m. Hubert Auburn Neal, Jr., (details excluded).


                             i        Caitlyn Victoria Neal (details excluded).

                             ii      Michael Austin Neal (details excluded).


80.       Peggy Ann Abrams (details excluded), m. David Allen Hajduck.


                             i        Justin Hajduck (details excluded).

                             ii      Ryan Hajduck (details excluded).


81.       Thomas Lee Abrams (details excluded), m. Kimberly Annette Piper.


                             i        Clayton Tyler Abrams.

                             ii      Kyle Abrams.


82.       Betty Kamas (details excluded), m. (1) Robert Eric Taylor, (details excluded), m. (2) Arthur Fremont Brickell III., b. Feb 18 19xx.

                                      Children by Robert Eric Taylor:

                             i        Samantha Taylor (details excluded).

                             ii      Alison Taylor (details excluded).


83.       Charles Kamas (details excluded), m. Eleen Nicole Eshelman, (details excluded).


                             i        Michael Christian Kamas (details excluded).


84.       Noreen Alice Coburn b. Apr 01 1933, Dearborn, Wayne Co., MI, m. (1) 1956, divorced 1975, Carl Marcotte, m. (2) Oct 15 1977, in Rochester, Oakland Co., MI, Oliver Schroeder, b. Feb 15 1929, Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, (son of Emerson Rubin Schroeder and Helen Rezanka). Noreen died Mar 03 1996, Rochester, Oakland Co., MI, Buried: Green Corners C, Hadley, Lapeer Co.,MI, Cause: Lymphoma.[i]

                                      Children by Carl Marcotte:

                             i        Caryl Lynne Marcotte (details excluded), m. David Carson.

                             ii      Darrell DeWitt Marcotte (details excluded), m. Terri Kilbourn.

                             iii     Michael Gerard Marcotte (details excluded), m. Trinh Nguyen.

                             iv     Janet Marie Marcotte (details excluded), m. Carl Briley.

                             v       Stephen Carl Marcotte (details excluded).


85.       Harriet Agnes Coburn b. Nov 01 1937, Dearborn, Wayne Co., MI, m. 1961, in Dearborn, Wayne Co., MI, James Leo Dolan, b. Jul 06 1937, Dearborn, Wayne Co., MI, (son of Charles Leo Dolan and Violet Campbell). Harriet died Nov 11 1994, Galesburg, Kalamazoo Co., MI, Buried: Ft. Custer Natl, Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., MI,[ii] Cause: Strokes.


                             i        Julie Ellen Dolan (details excluded).


86.       Lori Angela Hansen (details excluded), m. Joseph James Book.


                             i        Angela Jo Book (details excluded).

                             ii      Kellie Elizabeth Book (details excluded).


87.       Hans Raymond Spilde b. Mar 13 1936, Detroit, Wayne Co., MI, m. (1) 1964, in Newport News, James Co., VA, divorced, Frances ______, m. (2) 1994, in Newport News, James Co., VA, Christina ______.

                                      Children by Frances ______:

                             i        Holly Spilde (details excluded), m. Christofer Stowell.

                             ii      Regina Spilde (details excluded).


88.       Martha Vera Spilde b. May 22 1938, Yale, St.Clair Co., MI, m. Sep 23 1954, in Norfolk, VA, Raymond ____ Johnson.


                108.      i        Teressa Johnson (details excluded).

                109.      ii      Joann Johnson (details excluded).

                110.      iii     Renee Johnson (details excluded).

                             iv     Ray Johnson, Jr. (details excluded), m. Lisa Johnson.


89.       Julie Ann Bloxsom (details excluded), m. John Rudolph Covach, (details excluded).


                             i        Richard Willis Covach (details excluded).

                             ii      Jonathan Stephen Covach (details excluded).


90.       Susan Kathleen Bloxsom (details excluded), m. (1) Mark Stephen Popour, (details excluded), m. (2) Hans Schaefer.

                                      Children by Mark Stephen Popour:

                             i        Rachel Nicole Popour (details excluded).

                                      Children by Hans Schaefer:

                             ii      Grace Laura Schaefer (details excluded).


91.       Cheryl Lynn Bloxsom (details excluded), m. William Joseph Ryan, (details excluded).


                             i        Joel Thomas Ryan (details excluded), m. Kerrin Megan Bailey, (daughter of Kenneth Bailey).

                             ii      Michael Harrison Ryan (details excluded).


92.       Thomas John Bloxsom (details excluded), m. Christina Maria Dabrowski, (details excluded), (daughter of Thaddeus (Tadeusz) Victor Dabrowski and Berta Anneliese Marker).


                             i        David Thomas Bloxsom (details excluded).

                             ii      Steven Thaddeus Bloxsom (details excluded).


93.       Verna Henderson m. William Vessey.


                             i        Linda Vessey.


94.       Doris Lillian Alexander b. Apr 21 1931, Occ: Florist, m. Sept 21 1949, in Moneymore, ON, Milton McTaggart.


                111.      i        Heather Jane Doris McTaggart (details excluded).

                112.      ii      Dale Milton McTaggart (details excluded).

                113.      iii     Scott Edward McTaggart (details excluded).


95.       Thomas Edward Alexander b. July 16 1937, Occ: Farmer & Bus Driver, m. Aug 20 1966, Marjorie Grace Brooks Wright.


                             i        Eleanor May Grace Alexander (details excluded).

                             ii      Douglas Clark Alexander (details excluded).

                             iii     Lillian Jayne Alexander (details excluded).

                             iv     John Herbert Alexander (details excluded).


96.       Laurence Robert Windover b. Mar 09 1938, Richmond Twp, ONT,[iii] Occ: Civil Engineer, m. Margaret Mary Catherine Kearns, (details excluded).


                             i        John Robert Windover (details excluded).

                             ii      Paul Laurence Windover (details excluded).

                             iii     Anne Catherine Windover (details excluded).


97.       Doris Lorraine Windover (details excluded), m. Duane Cecil Baker, b. Apr 25 1938.[iv]


                             i        Debra Anne Baker (details excluded), m. Charles Buckley.  Charles: Charles and Debra have 3 children: Brett, Brittany and Paul.

                             ii      Pamela Lorraine Baker (details excluded), m. Gibson Garrett.  Gibson: Son: Brice

                             iii     David Duane Baker (details excluded), m. Susan ______.


98.       Maurice Bertram Windover (details excluded), m. Janet Carol Uens, (details excluded).


                114.      i        Brian Maurice Windover (details excluded).

                115.      ii      Laurie Carol Windover (details excluded).


99.       Terry Jay Page (details excluded), m. (1) Lorna Jesson, m. (2) Jeanne Murphy, (details excluded), m. (3) Fran Knorr, (details excluded).

                                      Children by Jeanne Murphy:

                             i        Devin Bradley (details excluded).

                             ii      Colin Page (details excluded).

                             iii     Claire Page (details excluded).


100.     Randi Sue Page (details excluded), m. Dan Moran, (details excluded).


                             i        Abigail Anne Moran (details excluded).

                             ii      Thomas Jonathan Moran (details excluded).


101.     Steven Jon Page (details excluded), m. Valerie Flamer, (details excluded).


                             i        Samantha Grace Page (details excluded).


102.     Steven Richard Morse (details excluded), m. Michelle Spade.


                             i        Isaac Richard Morse (details excluded).

                             ii      Sarah Michelle Morse (details excluded).


103.     Lorraine Kay Morse (details excluded), m. Gerald Walter Stilson.


                             i        Jason Peter Stilson (details excluded).

                             ii      Jeremy Joseph Stilson (details excluded).

                             iii     Jessica Irene Stilson (details excluded).


104.     Kathleen Ann Morse (details excluded), m. Richard Allen Storey.


                             i        Jeffrey Paul Storey (details excluded).

                             ii      Janel Pauline Storey (details excluded).


105.     Renee' Lee Morse (details excluded), m. Darrell Lee Wymer.


                             i        Tanya Lynn Wymer (details excluded).


106.     Douglas Edward Morse (details excluded), m. Valerie Pauline Yother.


                             i        Joseph Douglas Morse (details excluded).

                             ii      Timothy Richard Morse (details excluded).

                             iii     Marcus Raymond Morse (details excluded).

                             iv     Danielle Marie Morse (details excluded).


107.     Beth Ann Jager (details excluded), m. Ralph Edward Maguire.


                             i        Page Elizabeth Maguire (details excluded).



[i]  Oliver Schroeder, Leonard, MI

[ii]  James Dolan, Kalamazoo, MI

[iii]  Doris Alexander McTaggart, Tweed, ON

[iv]  Doris Alexander McTaggart, Tweed, ON