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1.         Edmund Bloxham. "Lived in Co. Clare in the 2nd half of the 18th century" - David Hutcheson


                2.          i        John Bloxsom b. abt 1770-72.

                3.          ii      Thomas Bloxham b. c. 1780.


Second Generation


2.         John Bloxsom b. abt 1770-72, (Ireland), m. abt 1800, in Ireland, Letitia Winters, b. abt 1780-82, Ireland, d. bef 1850, Ireland.  John died bef 1833, Ireland.[i]  "Lived in the Mountshannon area but is not listed on TAB or GV in the parishes of Clonrush or Inishcaltra."- David Hutcheson, Dublin, IR John's death calculated by listing of "Widow Bloxham" in Tithe Applotment Book for Cos. Clare & Galway, Nov. 1833. From David Hutcheson, Dublin, Ireland: In 1855 the Vicar of Mountshannon Church made a list of Protestants living in the "Union of Mountshannon" that December. This list consisted of 249 persons in approximately 70 families. The "Union of Mountshannon" was a Church of Ireland Parish covering the Civil Parishes of Clonrush, Inishcaltra and Moynoe all in County Galway. By the Population Census of Ireland 1901, only 5 or 6 descendant families were still living in the area and the number of Protestants had dropped to around 30.


            The Family names on the December 1855 list are: Alexander, Allen, Barry, Beck, Befaint, BLOXHAM, Boland, Boucher, Bouchier, Brady, Breen, Brien, Browne, Burke, Carroll, Cawue, Clarke, Cleary, Davis, Durrack, Divers, Elliott, Fletcher, Flynn, Gunn, Hanlon, Hart, Healey, Hogan, Holland, Huggins, Kiernan, Kirwan, Logan, Long, Madden, Mahon, Mills, Minogue, Paivet, Reade, Rooney, Rennison, Ryan, Smith, Tandy, Thompson, Thornbury, Watson, Whitefield(?), Williamson, WINTERS, Winter, Young. Some family names appear more than once. Letitia: Tithe Applotment Book, (Nov.1833), p 16 shows: Thos. Dias (Dyas?), Kate Winters, John Gunning, Widow Bloxham and Thos. Bloxham along w/11 others on a plot of land, 0 acres, 3 roods, 0 perches, being "let at 1 pound, 7 shilling 6 pence". "Widow" Bloxham could be Letitia, Kate Winters her mother, and Thos. her son. Diocese of Killaloe, Parish of Inniscaltra, Cos. of Clare & Galway.


                4.          i        Thomas Bloxsom b. abt 1803.

                5.          ii      Jane Bloxsom b. abt 1811.

                6.          iii     William John Bloxsom b. Feb 03 1814.

                7.          iv     Edmund Bloxsom.


3.         Thomas Bloxham b. c. 1780, Ireland,[ii] m. ----- Bloxham, b. c. 1810.[iii]  Thomas died bef. 1855, Ireland.  -----: 1855 Parish Census lists a 'Mrs. Bloxham, age 45 and 4 children.' per David Hutcheson.


                             i        Lilly Bloxham b. c. 1835, (Ireland).

                             ii      Jane Bloxham b. c. 1840,  (Ireland).[iv]

                             iii     Ned ('Edmund'?) Bloxham b. c. 1849, (Ireland).[v]

                             iv     John Bloxham b. c. 1851,  (Ireland).[vi]


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