Once Wildey: A Farr Genealogy

A rose by any other name...

The Wildeys came from England to North America under less than auspicious circumstances. Poor and a burden on their parish of residence in Surrey, they were returned to their home parish in Kent. There they likely received assistance in emigrating to Canada. Ship's passage to Canada was cheaper than to America, making it a preferable destination for impoverished emigrants. Like many such emigrants, they were soon drawn by the greater economic opportunities to be found in the United States.

The family found its chance in the bustling economy created by the Erie and Black River Canals in Rome, NY. In finding their footing, however, they lost thier name. The only surving male grandson, Francis Edward Wildey, was adopted by his uncle Archibald Farr and used the name Farr for the rest of his life, as do his descendants. The name Wildey disappeared, but the line did not, and there are today many descendants of Thomas Wildey living in New York state and elsewhere in the United States.

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