The Blaneys of Quebec

The Descendants of Daniel Blaney and Margaret Kilduff

The Blaney family left Ireland circa 1830 and settled in Rivière-du-Loup in Québec, Canada. The family included the parents, Daniel Blaney and Margaret Kilduff, and their grown children, Thomas, Patrick, James, and Bridget. They joined another Blaney family that had arrived in Québec a generation earlier.

The sons were shoemakers and probably could not find sufficient work in over-crowded Rivière-du-Loup and so the family moved within a few years to the new towns of St.-Gilles and St.-Sylvestre in Lotbinière County. There the rest of the Blaney family settled for good, taking up farming. James Blaney and his wife Mary Ann McCourt, however, moved to Buffalo, New York circa 1850.

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