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Most of my ancestors came into America around 1800 on the northern seaboard; primarily the Connecticut and New York area. The three lines I can somewhat follow are the NEWTON's, the SMITH's, and the WOLCOTT's.

The NEWTON line came to America prior to Nov. 1800, probably to Connecticut. From there they traveled to New Milford, Connecticut., up into New York in the Albany area and then across the bottom of the state through Ostego, Steuban, and Cattaragus counties. Around 1900, they crossed the Pennsylvania state line and moved into the Bradford, Pennsylvania area.

My SMITH line was originally named "SCHMIDT's". I'm not sure where they came into America yet but I believe it was in the late 1700's or the early 1800's. The then traveled west through West Virginia to Ohio where around 1840-1850 they changed the family name to Smith. Shortly after the Civil War, they moved into Southern Pennsylvania near Clarion and gradually worked their way north over the next 50 years to the Bradford area. This is where my parents met in school. My father is a Newton and my mother the Smith.

The only other line I have a lot of information on is my WOLCOTT line. It ties into the famous WOLCOTT family of New England that produced several governors and politicians. Oliver WOLCOTT who signed the Declaration of Independence is a 2nd cousin, 9 generations removed. His grandfather, Henry, came to America in the 1600's.

I can trace all my lines back at least 6 generations and my wife's lines back 5 generations. To see a complete list of all the surnames I seek information on, see my Surnames list.

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