Ancestry of Bruce Archibald Hamilton: Tenth Generation

Tenth Generation

269. Olvert10 Sjoert (Sjourt11 Olphertsen) (#454) was born in Heerenvan, Netherlands 1661. Olvert died 1710 in New York, at 49 years of age.

He married Margaretta Cloppers in Nyc Ref Ch, 9 Sep 1682. (Margaretta Cloppers is #443.) Margaretta was born in New York 28 Nov 1660. Margaretta died 22 May 1703 at 42 years of age. Per Pat Wardell AOL 11/27/1995 I've read accounts that suggest that the surname Sjourt/Syourt (early spellings) means "George" and is indicative of Scandinavian ancestry. Olvert Shuart (Capt.), son of Sjourt Olphertsen & Ytie Roelofs, m. 9 Sep 1682 NYC Ref Ch, Margareta Cloppers, dau. of Cornelius J. Clopper & Heyltje Pieters. Olvert Sjourt (Shuart) was b. 1661 Heerenvan, Netherlands; d. 1710 NY. Margareta Cloppers was b. 28 Nov 1660 NY; d. 22 May 1703. Olvert Sjourt, 2 years of age, came from Friesland in De Statyn, 27 Sep 1663 with his mother and father. They settled in New York City. In the marriage record, he is "j.m. Van Heerenveen" and she is "j.d. Van N. Yorke." Children of Olvert Shuart & Margareta Cloppers: * Cornelis (Shuart), bp. 14 Sept. 1683 NYCRefCh (wit: Soert Olphertszen, Heyltie Cloppers) * Marritie Souty, bp. 27 Jan 1686 NYCRefCh (wit: Sourt Olfertszen, Ytie Roelofs) * Heyltje Sourt, bp. 2 Sep 1688 NYC RefCh (wit: Johannes Clopper, Catlyntie Cloppers); poss. m. Jan Roosevelt * Aeltje Shuart, bp. 23 June 1695 NYCRefCh (wit Cornelis Clopper, Dina Cloppers) * Ytie Shuart, bp. 3 July 1698 NYCRefCh (wit Sjoert Olphertse, Aefje Luykas, h.v. van Kornelis Klopper) * Adolphus Sjoerts, b. 1699 NYC; d. 1760 NY; m. 1719 Margaretta Ecker. * Johannis Shuart, bp. 6 April 1701 NYCRefCh (wit Albartus Van de Water, Petronella Kloppers s.h.vrou) * Lucas Shuart, bp. 24 May 1704 NYCRefCh (wit Elisabeth Luykas, Cornelis Klopper); perhaps the Lucas Sjoerts who m. 26 Jan 1728 NYCRefCh Cathara Bensing (they had ch bp. NYCRefCh 1728). Sources: NYC Ref Dutch Church Mrriages, in NYG&B Record, July 1885, p. 126; NYC Ref Dutch Church Baptisms, in NYG&B Record, Jan. 1880, p. 35; Oct 1882, p. 168; April 1883, p. 85; Oct. 1883, p. 175; July 1884, p. 116; NYC Ref Dutch Church Marriages, in NYG&B Record, Apr 1876, p. 80; Jan 1879, p. 30; July 1879, p. 113

Olvert Sjoert and Margaretta Cloppers had the following children:

child 270 i. Cornelius9 Shuart (#459) was born in Bp Nyc Drc 14 Sep 1683.

child 271 ii. Marritie Shuart (#460) was born in Bp Nyc Drc 27 Jan 1686.

child 272 iii. Heyltje Shuart (#461) was born in Bp Nyc Ref Ch 2 Sep 1688. Heyltje died after 11 Jul 1751 at approximately 62 years of age. She married Johannes Roosevelt in New York City Dr, 25 Sep 1708. (Johannes Roosevelt is #470.) Johannes was born in B Kingston, Ny;b Esopus, Ny 3 Mar 1689. Johannes died 4 Apr 1750 at 61 years of age.

child 273 iv. Aeltje Shuart (#462) was born in Bp Nyc Drc 23 Jun 1695.

child 274 v. Ytie Shuart (#463) was born in Bp Nyc Drc 3 Jul 1698. GEDCOM line 1754 not recognizable or too long: (DEAT) 2 DATE UNKNOWN

child + 234 vi. Adolphus Shuart was born 1699.

child 275 vii. Johannis Shuart (#464) was born in Bp Nyc Drc 6 Apr 1701. He married Lisabeth. (Lisabeth is #493.) Early Church Records of Bergen Co., NJ (1996) p6 a Hannes & Lisabeth wi bp of Adolph s/o Willem & Catrina 7/8/17634. This is the only known Johannes. No other justif for existence of a w.

child 276 viii. Lucas Shuart (#465) was born in Bp Nyc Drc 24 May 1704. He married Cathara Bensing in Nyc Ref Ch, 26 Jan 1728. (Cathara Bensing is #466.) Cathara was born about 1705. GEDCOM line 1774 not recognizable or too long: (DEAT) 2 DATE UNKNOWN

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