Biography of Alonzo Millett (1842-1907)


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Biography of Alonzo Millett,
Texas Trail Driver

Alonzo Millett was the third son and sixth child
of Clementina Bartlett and Samuel Millett.
This biography was printed in
The Trail Drivers of Texas, 2nd Edition.1

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Alonzo Millett was born in Bastrop county in 1845,2 and spent his boyhood days in that country and at Seguin, where he attended school.  He had two brothers in school with him, and when the Civil War broke out the three Millett brothers were the first to volunteer.  Alonzo Millett, at the time only 16 years old, entered the Confederate army and with General Wood he went through many battles and fought so bravely that he was promoted three successive times.  His twin brother, Leonidas Millett, was killed at Manassas.  When the war ended, Alonzo Millett returned to Texas and during the course of years that followed the Millett brothers gained wealth.  Their ranches were scattered over the States of Kansas, Idaho, Dakota and Texas.  Misfortune came, however, and their wealth was swept away.  But Alonzo Millett persevered, and at the time of his death he owned a large ranch in San Juan Valley, Colorado.  He was killed by being thrown from a horse on his ranch in Colorado, and was buried at San Antonio, Texas.

1. The Trail Drivers of Texas, 2nd ed., revised, compiled and edited by J. Marvin Hunter (Nashville, Tenn.: Cokesbury Press, 1925), pp. 815-16.
2. This date may be incorrect.  Other information states that he was born in November 1842.  Undated notes, "Millett and Lane Family History" folder, box 2.325/F50, Millett (Tex.) Collection, Center for American History, University of Texas, Austin, Tex.

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