William Washington Loop (1836-1913) and Some of His Descendants


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William Washington Loop
And Some of His Descendants

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W. W. and Sarah (Naudain) Loop

William Washington Loop
and Sarah Catherine (Naudain) Loop

W. W. Loop's 1863 signature
W. W. Loop's signature from July 1863 receipt
for $50 bounty for enlisting in the Confederate Army

Generation One

1. William Washington LOOP (pictured above, with his wife), first son and second child of John LOOP and Margaret Rebecca SPOHR, was born on 20 Mar 1836 in Boone County, Indiana.1,2,3,4,5 He married Sarah Catherine NAUDAIN, daughter of James Nelson NAUDAIN and Ellen GROSE, on 22 May 1853 in Henderson County, Texas.6,7,8,9 He died on 4 Jun 1913 in Rice, Navarro County, Texas, at age 77.10,11,12 He was buried in Old Cemetery, Chatfield, Navarro County, Texas.13,14 He moved to Missouri (date unknown), then to Fannin County, Texas in 1844, and then to Henderson County, Texas. He farmed and raised cattle in Henderson County, Texas for a while; then, before the Civil War, they moved to a rented farm near Long Prairie (now Bazette) in adjacent Navarro County, which she ran until he returned from the war. He farmed and raised cattle there, and on a farm on the Trinity River near Chatfield, which they bought for $2.00 per acre from the Chambers family at auction, for several years. He then bought a cotton gin in Chatfield, then bought a general store and post office in Chatfield from a man named Shaw (which he operated while his sons ran the gin), and was a banker. He later bought a general store in Rice that had rooms above the store, and had his son Dave live there and run the store.   (To read a 1905 newspaper article about the store, W. W. Loop & Son, click here.)   His son-in-law, Dr. Harper, operated a drug store there as well, and he and Addie also lived above the store. Eventually W.W. and Sarah moved into rooms downstairs and kept Nugent Oliphant with them. Sarah died there. He then bought the Collins house, which he gave to daughter Lizzie and her husband, Pleas, and died while living there with them. W.W. and Sarah were members of the Christian Church.15,16,17   (To read a biography of William W. Loop published in 1893, click here.  To read his obituary and his Masonic Lodge's resolution of respect, click here.)

Sarah Catherine NAUDAIN was born on 3 Sep 1833 in New Castle County, Delaware (near Fieldsboro).18,19,20,21,22,23,24 She died on 22 Sep 1909 in Rice, Navarro County, Texas, at age 76.25 She was buried in Old Cemetery, Chatfield, Navarro County, Texas.26 She died of a gall infection.27  (To read her obituary, click here.)

Children of William Washington LOOP and Sarah Catherine NAUDAIN were:

Generation Two

2. John Nelson LOOP (William) was born on 6 Mar 1854 in Henderson County, Texas.55,56,57,58 He married Melvina PARKS on 28 Mar 1872 in Lampasas County, Texas.59,60 He died on 18 Apr 1938 in Lueders, Jones County, Texas, at age 84.61,62 He was buried in Swans Chapel, Jones County, Texas. Around age 12 he left home with another family that was moving west. He returned to Chatfield with his family and worked for a while at his father's gin, where he lost a thumb in a mishap. They moved to San Saba County, Texas in 1873, to Navarro County, Texas in 1879, and to Jones County, Texas in 1889. He was a county commissioner of Precinct 2 of Jones County from 1899 to 1905 and was a member of the Church of Christ.63,64

Melvina PARKS died on 6 Mar 1925 in Jones County, Texas.65,66

Children of John Nelson LOOP and Melvina PARKS were:

3. Ellen Rebecca LOOP (William) was born on 1 Jun 1856 in Henderson County, Texas.67,68,69,70 She married William Ceberry GARNER on 12 Dec 1872.71 She died on 9 Jan 1923 in Navarro County, Texas, at age 66.72,73

William Ceberry GARNER was born on 16 Aug 1845.74 He died on 23 Mar 1912 at age 66.75

Children of Ellen Rebecca LOOP and William Ceberry GARNER were:

4. Melissa Ann LOOP (William) was born on 15 Feb 1858 in Henderson County, Texas.80,81,82,83,84 She married William Landon OLIPHANT on 4 Dec 1878 in Navarro County, Texas.85,86,87,88 She died on 23 Jun 1895 at age 37.89,90 She was buried in Old Cemetery, Chatfield, Navarro County, Texas.91 After her death, some of her children lived with their Loop grandparents.92

William Landon OLIPHANT was born on 14 Jul 1847.93 He died on 2 Mar 1931 at age 83.94

Children of Melissa Ann LOOP and William Landon OLIPHANT were:

David Marion Loop     Fannie Charity Walker

5. David Marion LOOP (William) (pictured above with his wife, Fannie Charity Walker--photos courtesy of Jack Bartlett) was born on 18 Jun 1860 in Henderson County, Texas.110,111,112,113,114,115 He married Fannie Charity WALKER, daughter of German WALKER and Icy Fountain WILLIAMS, on 29 Jun 1896 in Navarro County, Texas.116,117 He died on 16 Sep 1933 in Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas, at age 73,118,119,120 and was buried in Rice, Navarro County, Texas.121,122 He was a partner in W. W. Loop & Son (later Loop & Walker), a general merchandise store in Rice, and was on the board of aldermen elected when Rice was incorporated in 1912.  (To read a 1905 newspaper article about W. W. Loop & Son, click here.)    He died of prostate cancer.123

Fannie Charity WALKER was born on 2 Nov 1868 in Simpson County, Mississippi.124,125,126,127 She died on 4 Oct 1942 in Rice, Navarro County, Texas, at age 73,128,129,130,131,132 and was buried in Rice.133,134,135 It appears that they were married by Rev. J. W. Jennings of Kerens, Texas, although one version is that the marriage was performed in the bride's home by her father, German Walker, a justice of the peace. She died of hypertension and coronary occlusion.136

Children of David Marion LOOP and Fannie Charity WALKER were: