Joseph Alvey Clayton (1817-1873) and Margaret Amanda Poole (1831-1873)


Joseph Alvey Clayton
Margaret Amanda Poole
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This site focuses on genealogical and historical information on
Joseph Alvey Clayton (1817-1873) and Margaret Amanda Poole (1831-1873),
who were my great-great-grandparents.
Joe fought in the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836, which ended the Texas Revolution,
and the Mexican War in 1846,
and was a delegate to the 1861 Secession Convention, by which the
State of Texas left the United States on the eve of the Civil War.

Pictures, Letters

I have included pictures, reproductions of old documents, information about the lives
of some of the people mentioned on this site--and anything else that goes beyond
the dry recitation of dates and places.  Not being terribly savvy with computers and
Web publishing, I'm not competent to load this site with fancy graphics,
but I have rarely hesitated to add old letters, other documents, or pictures if
I thought them to be even slightly interesting.  I hope you'll enjoy seeing them as well.

Offensive Material

Sentiment expressed in some material on this site will offend some readers.
The material is provided to help us see what those times and places were like
and not to promote, endorse, or glorify those ideas.

Privacy for Living Persons

Many living individuals do not want information about them published.
In respect of those wishes I have tried to limit the information on this site to persons who are
no longer alive.  That's why you won't find yourself mentioned here but perhaps
you'll see your grandparents mentioned.

Sources of Information

I'm adding source citations to each page as I have time.
Click on a supernumeral to view the source citation.
If you've got data I don't have, or pictures, obituaries,
clippings, or other information, please consider sharing them with me.

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