Dixie Rena Clayton (1863-19??)


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Dixie Rena Clayton



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Dixie Rena CLAYTON, third daughter and sixth child of Joseph Alvey CLAYTON and Margaret Amanda POOLE,  was born on 4 Apr 1863 in Navarro County, Texas.1,2,3 She married James M. REID on 16 Dec 1880 in Navarro County, Texas.4,5,6 She died after 1938.7 They lived on a ranch, Hacienda El Carocol, near La Cruz, Tamalipas, Mexico.


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2. Frank W. Johnson, A History of Texas and Texans, ed. Eugene C. Barker and Ernest William Winkler (Chicago, Ill.: The American Historical Society, 1914), vol. IV, p. 1727, s.v. "Mitchell S. Clayton."
3. Supposition as to place, based on family's residence.
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7. Ibid., p. 1 (stating that "Aunt Dixie is the only one left now").

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