Photograph of J. M. Bartlett Family ca. 1896


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Photograph of J. M. Bartlett Family

Navarro County, Texas, circa 1896

This photograph is believed to date to about 1896,
based on the apparent ages of the children.
The family probably was still living on the farm a couple of miles
south of Rice, Texas at the time.

The subjects are identified below the photograph.
J. M. Bartlett was a grandson of Jesse Bartlett and Frances Callaway.

Thanks to Mattie Mae Ellis for providing a copy
of the photograph in 1975 and to
Janette Dilworth for recently confirming the identities of those pictured.

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Photograph of J. M. Bartlett family ca. 1896

Front row, left to right:

Roger Frost ('Rod') Bartlett, Sr., born 7 February 1886
Jessie Bartlett, born 13 July 1891
Jesse Marshall ('J.M.') Bartlett, born 29 December 1841
Mary Hester ('Mollie') Clopton Bartlett, born 28 November 1850
Adelaide Laura ('Addie') Bartlett, born 8 August 1882

Back row, left to right:

William D. ('Will') Bartlett, born 10 September 1875
Mary Amanda Bartlett, born 6 July 1878
Hiram Callaway ('Hi') Bartlett, born 29 November 1880
Minnie Eudora Queen, born 18 January 1878, married Ben Bartlett 10 June 1896
Benjamin Clopton ('Ben') Bartlett, born 8 July 1873

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