Wardenburg coat of arms (wappen) - Dan-Saxe version
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The WARDENBURG coat of arms (wappen) from Denmark.

Also see: Bavarian coat of arms and the Baltic version of the Dan-Saxe coat of arms.
Image of the Danish Wardenburg coat of arms (wappen)

This is taken from Illustrations to the Armorial Général by J. -B. Rietstap, by V. & H. V. Rolland, Heraldry Today, London, 1967. The book is available at the Family History Library (Mormon), Salt Lake City, Utah (USA).

All of the Wardenburg coats of arms have in common three acorns and two oak leaves. I don't know the significance of these symbols.
The Danish coat of arms is described as:

D'azur à trois glands tigés et feuillés d'or, mouv. d'un chicot du mème en p., posé en fasce. C.: les meubles de l'écu.
Armorial Général, J. B. Rietstap, New York, Barnes & Noble, Inc., 1965 (reproduced from the 2nd edition, 1887).

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