James Ballard


Husband: James BALLARD
Husband Birth Date/Place: abt 1814 Kentucky
Marriage Date/Place:unknown probably Kentucky
Husband's Father:Unknown
Husband'sMother: Uunknown

Wife: Margaret PARKS
Wife's Birth Date/Place: 1826 Kentucky
Wife Death Date/Place: aft 1870 bef 1880 Kentucky

Wife's Father: Unknown
Wife's Mother :Unknown


1. Margaret BALLARD
Birth Date/Place: 1843 Kentucky
Spouse Name: unknown
had two boys; Forest and Frank

2. Quinton BALLARD(sometimes seen as Clinton)
Birth Date/Place: 30 Jan 1848
Spouse Name: Mary Jain Guy
Marriage Date/Place: abt 1868 Kentucky
Death Date/Place: 10 Mar 1909 Kentucky

3. Mary C. BALLARD
Birth Date/Place: 1849 Kentucky

4. William L. BALLARD
Birth Date/Place: 1851 Kentucky

5. James M. BALLARD
Birth Date/Place: 1853 Kentucky

6. A. Elizabeth BALLARD
Birth Date/Place: 1857 Kentucky

7. Martha E. BALLARD
Birth Date/Place:1859 Kentucky

Sources: 1870 & 1880 United States Federal Census
Personal knowledge from living ancestor (granddaughter of Quinton BALLARD)

This family file was contributed by Beth MCKEE