Thomas Allen Miller

Thomas Allen Miller

Air Force Picture in 1992

Thomas Allen Miller, born May 13, 1972 passed away Sunday, April 14, 2002.
He was buried in Rising Sun, Indiana next to his grandfather.
Lynne's daughter, Carol Miller, wrote the following poem which was on the prayer card for the funeral:

We Must Cherish
The ones we grow to love and cherish,
We seem to think will never perish.
Things aren't always the way they seem,
But life is unbearable if we can't dream.
I'd like to know that when I'm gone,
You may grieve, but then move on.
Remember all the times we've shared,
The laughter, the tears, the burdens we've bared.
Through your memories I'll continue to live
You'll have all the love I can give.

Copyright 2002 Carol Miller

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