Pioneers, Patriots, Puritans & Scalawags
 Pioneers, Patriots, Puritans
& Scalawags

a Baker - Helvy Homepage

Surnames of most recent 4 generations: Allen, Baker, Bittick, Boyer, Cassady, Chapin, Chapman, Christy, Ellis, Evans, Follett, Gillman, Helvy, McDonald or McDonnell, Miller, Parson or Parsons, Pease, Rawlings, Remington, Riggs, Seccomb, Shepperson, Stanford, Taysom, Wooley and York, and their ancestors as well as some collateral lines

(These are not our only lines, nor are they the only ones we're interested in. It would take over 200 pedigree sheets with 4 generations per page to list just direct line individuals.)

Contains About 10,000 Individuals!
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 Pedigrees, Descendancies
& Register Reports

I have uploaded my gedcom to the WoldConnect site and they have a tool for viewing pedigrees and descendancy lists and now they've added Register Reports. Go to: Baker Helvy Database You will need to search for the person you are wondering about and then you will be able to go down to the bottom of the page and click on "Pedigree" to see the pedigree of that person. Look for the word "Descendancy" to view descendancy lists. If I stop at that person, I'm not directly related. If it goes on for awhile and ends up with many words that say "LIVING" it is quite likely direct line.

Our family has become the repository of many family photos over 100 years old. If you connect in the most recent six generations, you may find some photos of your family! I don't have them all though, and it will be a while before I get them all. Please make this a Favorite or Bookmark us and check back!

In doing my revitalized research during this last year on the internet, I've found some errors in my own information. My sources were well-respected and relatively well-accepted as genealogy fact in some books, and published genealogies. Several on-line organizations and wonderful researchers have helped me to straighten out some tangles in the branches of the family tree. A couple of these are available on a special Common Errors Page . This includes references to books and websites on various surnames in my tree.

I have listed here some surname-specific resources on various surnames in my tree. These include Family Organizations and various other links I've found useful.  Please Check this page out.  I especially like to find family associations, because I think they may have untangled some of those tree branches a little better than maybe the average researcher.  If you know of some I don't have listed, please let me know.

At a future date, I hope to have special pages associated with the surnames HELVEY (including variations HELVIE, HELVY) and SECCOMB (including variations SECCOMBE, SECOMB, SECOMBE AND SEACOMB).    For the Seccomb and Helvey names I am the mail list owner at Rootsweb and am the manager for the GenConnect boards for these surnames.  I am going to try to build some resources for people researching these less-common names.

  CHRISTY information has just flowed to me ever since I put the query onto the Clark County, Missouri GenWeb page.    I have received permission from the husband of a now-deceased Ruth Turner Ziegel to publish her 100 page booklet of information and documentation on the Christy's in these web pages.  Genealogy information from the book  is already included in my database. IT'S DONE!!

How do I do on-line genealogy??  I get asked this a lot.  This section includes links to various sites I have found helpful in finding my family tree.  Also, right at the top you will find a link to a tutorial on how to get started in searching out your family tree.

I've also found many ancestors that had military service. There will be links to pages on their service as well. This will include service information, Pension file information and even some DAR/SAR paper numbers!!

As the name of this site would suggest, I love stories about my ancestors. Some founded cities and have statues. Some built churches and preached. Many fought in wars. Some came to America to escape religious persecution and may have persecuted others once they got here. We have at least one horse thief and one who killed someone. Grandma blushed when she found out she was related to all the English Kings. She thought they were a rather promiscuous lot.

One thought about these ancestors keeps coming back. Most of them were pioneers. Not only do I have Mormon Pioneers, who are much honored and revered in Utah, but I also have ancestors in every branch that moved west, started new homes, built churches and lived on the frontier. They were pioneers in every sense of the word.   I think they ought to be honored for the sacrifices they made and the hardships they endured.  I don't know of any perfect ancestors, but I'm glad to find out about them, no matter what kind of people they were. I'm glad to be a branch in their family tree.

Make yourself at home. Bookmark this site and check back often. Lots of new things are still yet to come.

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