Introduction to Our Genealogy Site

Introduction to Our Genealogy Site
by Nathan Osborn Maxwell Baily and Gloryann O'Callaghan Harrington Baily

I became interested in genealogy several years ago when my mother was still alive. She had an excellent memory of her family as well as that of her husband's, and saved many photographs and memorabilia from both. She loved to talk about family history and in 1988 she and I collaborated on a booklet about a treasured family portrait taken March 12, 1899. The booklet has been converted to html and is available for your reading pleasure at: "My Great-Grandfather Brown's 100th Birthday Family Portrait."

In addition, I've acquired hundreds of photos, letters and other memorabilia from cousins and other relatives from around the country. It's amazing what can come out of a person's attic when you take the time to ask! For example, here is a letter my great-grandfather, Joseph S. Baily, M.D., wrote to his wife during the Civil War. It had been handed down through my Clement branch to my cousin Janet in Colorado.

Of course the World Wide Web has brought many "newly-discovered" cousins to our virtual doorstep. The site is updated periodically and you can see what has been added by watching for the or images on the Home Page.

My father's line of Bailys and Osborns were Quakers living in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana and both lines have been well-researched over the years. Our Baily line began in America with immigrant Joel Baily of Bromham, Wiltshire, England, who settled in Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1652. The Osborns descend from Mathew Osborn (Ozbun) I who arrived in Sussex County, Delaware, in 1682 as a stowaway - very interesting and endearing story!

My mother's Maxwell ancestors came from Scotland about a century later, settling in Virginia, fighting in the Revolution, and then traveling to Missouri in the early 1800s in time for the Missouri Compromise and the Civil War. Other branches of her family came from England, Wales, Ireland, France and possibly Germany.

Both sets of my grandparents ended up in Silverton, Colorado, around the turn of the 20th Century. My father's parents, Jesse S. Baily, D.D.S. and Pauline Osborn Baily, only lived in Silverton until my dentist grandfather's early death in 1914, while my mother's parents, Nathaniel Chester Maxwell and Lillian Tharp Maxwell, lived there most of their adult lives. Nathaniel was a manager of mining operations, an accountant, a judge, and a writer and died in 1961 when he was 88. She was a talented artist and died ten years earlier, in 1951.

Gloryann's roots were in Ireland where both the O'Callaghans and the Harringtons originated. They immigrated, via Canada, to Michigan during the mid-1800's. Gloryann was unable to get much done with her side of the family before she died in 2004.

I was trying to make navigation through the site easier by linking up our database with our photos, but don't have time to put it together and the database is not yet online. Suggestions and new info are appreciated and quickly incorporated.

There is a separate Photo Index where you can click on a photo link to reach the page it is on, and the Surname Index can also save you some time.

You can quickly SEARCH the site using keywords, strings, or parts thereof.

I hope you enjoy your stay at our Website. If you can make any family connections, please let me know. If you encounter a problem, want a better jpeg of a photo, or just want to say, "Hi!" by all means, e-mail me!

Your Host,

Nathan Osborn Maxwell Baily


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