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This website is about a Puritan colonist, John Arnold, his descendants, their families and allied families. John was born in England in 1594, and came to colonial Massachusetts sometime before or during 1634 with his ten year old son, Joseph.  We know that, on May 6, 1635, John was a Freeman in New Towne (now Cambridge), Massachusetts. His name shows up on a list of New Towne residents as residing there on August 4, 1634 and also May 6, 1635. He later (1636) helped to settle Hartford, Connecticut with Thomas Hooker's company and was granted 16 acres. Today his name can be seen on the Founders' Monument in Hartford. He died in 1664 and his son, Joseph, had gone on to become one of the founders of Haddam, Connecticut, 1662. Joseph's great grandson, Jonathan Arnold, born in East Haddam, Connecticut in 1754 became one of the early settlers of Meredith, Delaware County, New York. (ca 1800). He fought in the Revolutionary War and came to Delaware County a few years later. Jonathan's son, Aaron was one of the early (1815) settlers of Bergen, Genesee County, New York where this branch of the family remained until early in the 20th century.

Of the surnames listed here many are those of families directly descended from John, however, many are distantly related or related only through "layers" of marriages to those direct descendants or into  their families. Some of our very early ancestral colonial families were BRAINERD, BUCK, CONE, EMMONS (or EMONS or EMANS), KIRBY (or KERBY or KERBE), SHEDD (originally SHED and sometimes SHEAD), SPENCER and WAKEMAN 

We've recently undertaken an expansion of this website to include our Dutch (New Amsterdam) ancestors. The only source we have for this information was a document commissioned by Rosalthe Shedd in 1900 and passed down to her great-great grandson, Richard Redmond who, in turn passed it on to the author of this site (her great-grandson) for publication. Since our sources are so limited we welcome any and all critique of the information contained on the "Dutch Surname" site linked to below.

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We Heed Help

in researching the BOSWORTH familiy, most recently of Genesee County, New York and, we think, earlier from New Haven, Connecticut and Berkshire County, Massachusetts. 

We are also trying to expand our Information on the NORTH family. We have a number of NORTH given names, spouses and some dates, but, so far, we haven't been able to connect them with each other, although we know that they and the NORTHs you see in our database are from Meredith, Delaware County, NY ca 1810-20. There was  Daniel NORTH who was one of the original settlers of Delaware County, ca 1790; and later, a close neighbor of Jonathan Arnold. We suspect that those NORTHs shown here are his immediate descendants. 

Click Here to see a list of the unconnected NORTH names mentioned above.

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