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This page last updated January 9, 2002

Records related to family members.

Some of these are reproductions of the original documents, so you can read each word as it was written. Some of them have been transcribed. Others are transcriptions only.

Bible Records:

Bible Record of Asa Bertrand Hill and Elizabeth Daye Duncan Hill
Added July 5, 1998

Bible Record of Mathew T. Porter and Mary Susie Wingfield Porter
Added July 5, 1998

Land Records:

Asa H. Hill -- Land Records, Arkansas
Added Jan 17, 1998


David Andrews and Elizabeth Adaline Cornelius added February 2, 2002

Asa Hiram Hill and Mary Hodges added April 26, 1998

Joseph Rush and Sarah McLain added Jan 11, 1998

Joseph Porter and Sarah (McLain) Rush added Jan 11, 1998

Matthew Tolbert McLain and Emily McLelland -- First Marriage added Jan 11, 1998

Matthew Tolbert McLain and Emily McLelland--Second Marriage added Jan 11, 1998

John Martin McLain and Catherine Black added Jan 11, 1998

Matthew Tolbert Porter and Mary Susan Stockton added July 30, 1998

George W. Andrews and Brunetta Catherine Porter added November 8, 1998

Henry J. Bonner and Mary E. McLain added November 8, 1998

John Vivin Ward and Emely Brunetty Melson added November 8, 1998

Newspaper Articles:

50th Wedding Anniversary of Alfred E. Stockton added August 23, 1998


Guardianship of Sarah J. Hill added Feb 2, 1998


Will of Jester Cornelius added Feb 1, 1998

Will of Philip Jean added December 2, 2001


William Franklin Wingfield letter added Dec. 7, 1999

Cornelia E. (Jeans) Jackson - letter added Nov. 10, 2001


Children of Asa Hiram Hill Added July 7, 1998

James Ward Family Record Added January 9, 2002

Jester Cornelius Family Record Added January 9, 2002

Cornelius Marriages Added January 9, 2002

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