Ann's Ancestors: The Owens of New England

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When I first started researching my family, I thought the Owen branch would be easy. I had, after all, an outline showing that Solomon Owen and his wife, Priscilla Belcher, immigrated to the United States with son Josiah back in the 1600's, settling in Rhode Island. But try as I might, I could find no documentation of Solomon and Priscilla anywhere...not in Rhode Island, not in Masschusetts, not in Connecticut...

But there is a genealogy god looking after me! My cousin's mother-in-law answered a query I had on the web, purely by chance. That correspondence resulted in her sending me a document written by Henry W. Owen (1875-1956) exploding the Solomon - Priscilla legend and replacing it with a much more romantic tale. The Foreward to Henry W. Owen's Document, (or Foreward, starting at the Rhode Island part) explains it all. The rest of the manuscript I have quoted liberally under the notes for each individual.

The immigrant ancestor for my Owen line is William Owen (ca 1611-1704) of Wales. My mother was Harriet Owen (1908-1959)

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