Descendants of John Anderson



Generation No. 1


        1.  John3 Anderson  (Northern Neck2, Colonial Virginia1) was born Abt. 1730 in look at Norfolk Va?, and died October 08, 1781 in Kershaw Co., Camden, South Carolina.  He married Sarah Carney November 28, 1752 in Stafford County, Virginia (Source: OverWharton Parish Register.), daughter of John Carney and Mary ?.  She was born Abt. 1732, and died 1807 in Livingston County, Kentucky.


Notes for John Anderson:




        Probably twenty years ago, the assertion was made that the Rev. James Anderson was the father of our John Anderson.  As soon as it came to my attention, I started trying to track down the reason why this statement was made.  I didn't really doubt it, I just wondered how the connection was made.  What I learned was that it all seemed to hinge on the fact that someone had given January 13, 1724 as our John's birthdate.  Of course, that was when the Rev. James' son, John, was born. 


        My next step was to find out why this birthdate was assigned to our John.  I finally tracked it back to an elderly lady in Kentucky who, when I wrote to her, didn't have a clue where she had gotten the date or why she thought it was our John's. 


        Then, I assembled all the references I could find which had been offered as proof and tracked them back as far as I could and came up with the following sources:


Bible Record of Rev.  James Anderson - states only that he had a son, John, born January 13, 1724-5 in New York

Pennsylvania Genealogies by Wm.  Egle - only quotes the above Bible record

Immigrants to America Before 1750 by Virkus - quotes the above Bible records and adds that John "died young"

DAR Application of Mrs. Dena Henslee Singleton, Nat'l #526822 - I received a copy of this application which DAR had corrected to show that her ancestor John Anderson who married Sarah Carney was born January 13, 1724 in New York.  I wrote the Lineage Research Committee of NSDAR in Washington, D. C, regarding this entry, explaining the controversy over John's birthdate, etc.  On August 15, 1979, they sent a letter stating - "The birthdate written in on National No. 526822 Is completely incorrect.  That is the birthdate for John Anderson, son of Rev.  James Anderson, but this man is not your Revolutionary ancestor.  This man was married to Ann Irvin, From your records we know that your ancestor John Anderson was married to Sarah Carney. ...A date of circa 1730 has been given to your Revolutionary ancestor since we have no specific date for his birth."


The following, although it does not constitute proof,  must be considered as much of the information came from this John Anderson's own granddaughter:


Maxwell History and Genealogy by Florence Wilson Houston - 1916


        "The descendants of our John Anderson say he was the son of the Rev, James    Anderson of Donegal, Penn, and so far we have found nothing to disprove this,   while there is much that makes it conclusive, though it has been claimed by some       historians that he was the son of John or James Anderson of Augusta Countyp   Virginia."


                "In the will of James Anderson he mentions by name only his wife, a niece, his     daughter, Susanna, and the youngest son, Thomas, who was still a child and yet to      be educated....   After mentioning these he directs that his remaining property be         'divided among all my children'."


                "John, the seventh child of Rev.  James Anderson, was born January 13, 1724.  It         is recorded that he was born in New York, while his mother was visiting at the home of a relative,     His early years were spent in Pennsylvania, but when still a    youth he went to Virginia and the greater part of his active years were spent there."


                "By various records-especially the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography   and the Chalkley Records, his path is made clear, For the more minute and   intimate details, as to his family, we have the long line of descendants given from        the personal knowledge of his granddaughter Martha (Anderson) Baugh, near the       middle of the last century...." (here follows a brief history of the Old Stone Church       of Augusta Co., Va.)


                "Reverting to John Anderson: He married, about 1750, Anna Irvine (Erwin).  The following list of their descendants is from Court Records and from data given more    than fifty years ago, by their granddaughter Martha (Anderson) Baugh, a daughter of their son, William."....   (There is no question but that this is a completely different line from ours.)


        What it all come down to is that (unless there is some documentation that I don't know about) is there is NO proof that our John Anderson who married Sarah Carney is the son of the Rev. James Anderson and very substantial proof that the Rev. James' son, John, married Ann Irvine (Erwin).


        If you have anything that would contradict this, I would be very interested in hearing about it. 


                                                        Ann Beeler





Children of John Anderson and Sarah Carney are:

+      2                 i.    Bailey4 Anderson, born November 13, 1753 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., Virginia; died August 01, 1840 in Harrison Co., Texas.

        3                ii.    Scarlett Anderson, born June 20, 1756 in Stafford Co., Virginia; died 1783 in Rev. War KIA Camden, South Carolina.

        4               iii.    Sela Anderson, born March 01, 1758 in Stafford Co., Virginia.

        5               iv.    Joshua Anderson, born 1759 in Newberry (96) Dist., SC (or in Virginia); died 1783 in Rev. War KIA.

+      6                v.    William Anderson, born 1761 in Camden, North Carolina.

+      7               vi.    Charles Anderson, born 1762; died August 15, 1818.

        8              vii.    John Anderson, born 1763.


Notes for John Anderson:

This John Anderson is a problem,  I have seen claims from sevearl individuals fitting thee different John Andersos into this slot.  Proof remains to be collected.



        9             viii.    Charlotte Anderson, born Abt. 1763.  She married John Chapman (Source: Brøderbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #0371, Date of Import: Jan 24, 1996).


Notes for John Chapman:

Subj:       Charlotte Anderson Chapman

Date:      6/18/00 10:37:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:     [email protected] (Ann Beeler)

To: [email protected]


I've been doing some research lately on the John Chapman who is connected to Sarah Carney.  In your website under the descendants of

John Anderson and Sarah Carney you list the following:

" Charlotte Anderson, born Abt. 1763.  She married John Chapman (Source: Brøderbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #0371, Date of Import:  Jan 24, 1996)."


The original source, WFT #0371, actually names her "Jane Doe Anderson". Could you tell me where you obtained the name Charlotte?  I would apreciate any help you can give me.



Ann Beeler

[email protected]



        10              ix.    Alexander Anderson, born 1764.  He married Nancy Wilcox.

+      11               x.    Dorcas Anderson, born November 13, 1766 in Spartanburg, South Carolina; died Abt. 1849.

+      12              xi.    Jane Anderson, born Abt. 1768; died February 11, 1859 in Panola Co., Carthage, Texas.

        13             xii.    Vincent Anderson, born Abt. 1770; died April 07, 1833.  He married Margaret M. Terry.


Notes for Vincent Anderson:

Subj:       John Anderson & Sarah Carney6

Date:      6/16/00 8:47:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:     [email protected] (Cheri Casper)

To: [email protected]


I am descended from John & Sarah Anderson through their son, Vincent.  We

have a e-mail discussion group for descendents from that family.  Please

join us!



        14            xiii.    Samuel Anderson, born 1772 (Source: Brøderbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #0371, Date of Import: Jan 24, 1996).

        15            xiv.    Deliah Anderson.



Generation No. 2


        2.  Bailey4 Anderson (John3, Northern Neck2, Colonial Virginia1) was born November 13, 1753 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., Virginia, and died August 01, 1840 in Harrison Co., Texas.  He married Mary Delilah Wyatt Bef. 1770 in South Carolina.  She was born Abt. 1756, and died 1817 in Mississippi River-enroute to Texas.


Notes for Bailey Anderson:


Allen Richmond [email protected]

Darlene Henson [email protected]





Children of Bailey Anderson and Mary Wyatt are:

        16               i.    Sarah5 Anderson, born 1775 in South Carolina; died 1834 in Sevier County, Arkansas.  She married William Joseph Inglish December 23, 1792 in Warren County, Kentucky.

        17              ii.    Delilah Anderson, born Abt. 1779 in South Carolina; died Abt. 1840 in Boone County, Missouri.  She married Ratcliffe Boone.

        18             iii.    Mary Anderson, born October 17, 1781 in Pendleton Dist., South Carolina; died November 01, 1824 in Warren Co., Kentucky.  She married David Kirby 1803.

        19             iv.    Wyatt Anderson, born 1783 in South Carolina; died Abt. 1838 in San Augustine, Shelby County, Texas.


Notes for Wyatt Anderson:

Subj:       Anderson

Date:      1/23/00 1:29:37 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:     [email protected] (Harold Solomon)

To: [email protected]


Hi Patrick,

    I got your name from Barbara Allen. I can't remember if we have had

previous contact or not. What is your Anderson Lineage?

Mine is double:

1.John Anderson Sarah Carney

2. Bailey Anderson and Mary Wyatt

3. Wyatt Anderson and Nancy McFadden

4. Myra Anderson and William English

5. John Patroan English and Martha Sanders

6. William Wade English and Ione Anderson (Cousins)


2. John Anderson Jr. and Cassa

3. Jonathan H. Anderson and Susan Davis

4. Ione Anderson and William Wade English


Harold Solomon

Deer ark, Texas



        20              v.    Joshua Anderson, born 1784 in South Carolina; died Abt. 1830 in Sevier County, Arkansas.  He married Elizabeth Crouch.

        21             vi.    William Anderson, born 1785 in South Carolina.  He married Peggy Alexander.

        22            vii.    Bailey Anderson, born February 25, 1788 in Greenville Co., South Carolina; died July 14, 1865 in McLennan Co., Texas.  He married Elizabeth McFadden June 04, 1811 in Warren Co., Kentucky; born July 13, 1790 in South Carolina; died December 04, 1866 in McLennan Co., Texas.


Notes for Bailey Anderson:

Capt. Bailey Anderson, Jr. and his wife, Elizabeth (McFadden) Hardwick, are both most likely buried in a private plot on the farm they then owned, the location of which I am unaware, but in the general area of Gholson, Texas. His was an interesting career, including his efforts in the Militia as Commanding Officer at the Battle of Nacogdoches, the first military encounter of the Texas War of Independence. For his services to the Republic he was awarded a parcel of land in the Ayish Bayou near San Augustine, and on which his father, Bailey Anderson, Sr., is buried, at which site the State has erected a granite Memorial stone in his honor.




       i.      <UNNAMED>5, b. WFT Est. 1808-1835; d. WFT Est. 1814-1915.

       ii.     FELIX G. ANDERSON, b. 1812; d. WFT Est. 1813-1902.

       iii.    OLIVER HAZZARD ANDERSON, b. December 10, 1813, Warrick County, Indiana (Source: Faye Dillard Files); d. March 23, 1889, Freestone County, Texas (Source: Faye Dillard Files); m. ELIZABETH WEBSTER, 1832; b. July 14, 1814, Warrick County, Indiana; d. July 02, 1892, Freestone County, Texas.



Comment 1: Fought in Texas War of Independence

Ethnicity/Relig.: Moved to Freestone Cty 1869

Event 1: 1817, Emigrated to Texas, Red River County

Event 2: 1819, Moved to Choctaw Indian Territory (Okla)

Event 3: 1821, Texas

Occupation: Moved to San Augustine Cty 1821

Personality/Intrst: Moved to Panola Cty 1837

Residence: Moved to Hill/McLennan Cty 1856


       iv.    HAMPTON ANDERSON, b. May 15, 1818; d. WFT Est. 1819-1908.

       v.     BAILEY ANDERSON III, b. Abt. 1820; d. WFT Est. 1821-1910.

       vi.    RATLIFF BOON ANDERSON, b. Abt. 1823; d. WFT Est. 1824-1913.

       vii.   WILLIAM ENGLISH ANDERSON, b. February 22, 1825; d. July 12, 1909; m. HANNAH ENGLISH, 1859; b. May 22, 1828; d. August 13, 1905.

       viii.  PINKNEY ANDERSON, b. July 06, 1829; d. WFT Est. 1830-1919.

       ix.    ANDREW JACKSON ANDERSON, b. Abt. 1831; d. WFT Est. 1832-1921.

       x.     (A GIRL), b. WFT Est. 1808-1835; d. WFT Est. 1814-1918.

       xi.    PAMALON ANDERSON, b. WFT Est. 1808-1835; d. WFT Est. 1814-1918.



        23           viii.    Lavinia Anderson, born April 04, 1789 in Greenville Co., Greenville, South Carolina; died December 06, 1820 in Warren Co., Kentucky.  She married William Kirby 1806.

        24              ix.    Pinckney Anderson, born 1791 in Greenville Co., South Carolina; died Abt. 1818 in Warrick County, Indiana.  He married Nancy Thompson.

        25               x.    Elvira Anderson, born 1792 in South Carolina; died 1836 in San Augustine, Shelby County, Texas.  She married John Lout.

        26              xi.    James Anderson, born Abt. 1794 in Greenville Co., Greenville, South Carolina.  He married Peggy Gilmore.


        6.  William4 Anderson (John3, Northern Neck2, Colonial Virginia1) was born 1761 in Camden, North Carolina.  He married Sarah Early 1783 in Campbell County, Virginia. 


Notes for William Anderson:

Subj:       Re: G/f John's Rev War Service

Date:       1/21/00 9:07:34 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:      [email protected] (Kathye Upham)

To:  [email protected]


***The Revolutionary War Service of my ancestor John Anderson***

(Husband of Sarah, father of Scarlett, Joshua, and Bailey Anderson Sr)

  William Anderson b 28 Nov 1765 d 11 Feb 1845 was the son of John Anderson & Sarah [Carney]. In his own Bible he wrote that his father John Anderson was killed by American Tories at Augusta, 1780, and that his Mother Sarah was b 1739 and d 1811 Ky. G/f John was killed at the 1st Seige of Augusta, Sept 10-18, 1780.

   In a paper passed down in my line, it is written that G/f John and his son Bailey Anderson Sr (1754-1840) left for battle TOGETHER but his father John did not return. The Natl Archives Record S.30-286 being the records of Bailey Anderson Sr (1754-1840) detail his service under General Bridges and Capt Clark at the 1st Seige of Augusta, Ga.

   G/f John Anderson and his son Scarlett Anderson both received Bounty Land for their service in Georgia. I have the documents.

   I have done this many times over the past 8-10 years but NEVER have I been as meticulous as I was today - I just spent more than 9 hours carefully pouring over all of the pages in g/f John's SC Archives & History Rev War File (A.A.115). The pages I have are all in the original handwriting so I had to scrutinize each detail in the information given on each page and note it in such a way as to recognize anything that excludes whichever John Anderson can not possibly be g/f John Anderson.

   In Audited Account 115, ONLY file X3341 (Indent #3341, Book  X) pertains to g/f John.

   The rest of the pages in HIS file (A.A.115) appear to belong to a John Sr and a John Jr but both were living after 1780 plus I compared this John Jr to the signature of uncle John Anderson on g/m Sarah's reapplication for pension 11 Nov 1807 and no way are they the same man's signature. ALSO, one of these John's made arrangements for a William Anderson to receive his Indents as he had moved to NC - I compared this William's signature to William Anderson's, son of g/p John & Sarah, writing in his Bible and again, no way.

   If I had to guess, I think this John Anderson Sr was Capt John Anderson who died in the hospital at Camden, NC (yes, NC!).

   Anyway, according to g/f John Anderson's file A.A.115 X3341 he served only in Col. Benjamin Roebuck's Regiment before and after the fall of Charleston, the same is true for Uncle Scarlett Anderson file A.A.124 X3343, and Uncle Joshua Anderson file A.A.117 X3342. do I KNOW for SURE that g/f John Anderson's Rev War service file is X3341...??? Because attached to it is g/m Sarah [Carney] Anderson's first <BR> petition (20 May 1786) requesting payment of the Indent as the widow of John Anderson and the mother of Scarlett and Joshua Anderson. The Indent it is attached to is dated 7 Jun 1786.

   Audited Account 114: I find it most curious that Indents for g/f John, uncle Scarlett, and uncle Joshua actually show that when written they were ALL "AUDITED ACCOUNT #114" - not A.A.115, 117, 124 !!!!  I think what happened was our earlier cousins identified the Capt John Anderson, John Anderson Jr, and John Anderson Sr as grandpa and his son so the files were put together as one family, i.e., g/f John, uncle John Jr, uncle Scarlett, uncle Joshua. When in fact, Capt John, John Sr, John Jr were completely different persons.


                       Kathye Upham

NOTE:  Greenville Co, SC, Direct or Grantor Index to Deeds: Book C, page _09. "Anderson (11) 1793 - Anderson, Bailey, et al; Richard Steigall; 50 acres; A Chicarea, Wat. Saluda River. Deed of Conveyance from Bailey Anderson; 13 May, 1793; Bailey Anderson Esq. and MARY his WIFE of Pendleton Co, SC; witness Sara Anderson; 50 acres Greenville Co, both sides Chickarea River of Saluda, granted to Bailey Anderson, 15 Oct 1784." The surname of his wife is not given.

THIS IS AN ABSTRACT OF THIS CONVEYANCE but I couldn't make out the 1st number of the page in order to get a true/full copy of this deed. Therefore, I cannot vouch for the validity of it's contents./ku



Children of William Anderson and Sarah Early are:

        27               i.    Joshua5 Anderson.

        28              ii.    Alexander Anderson.

        29             iii.    Jane Anderson.

        30             iv.    Schaharrissa Classie Anderson.

        31              v.    John Anderson.


        7.  Charles4 Anderson (John3, Northern Neck2, Colonial Virginia1) was born 1762, and died August 15, 1818.  He married (1) Sallie Claiborne.    He married (2) ? Barker.    He married (3) Sally Thornton September 11, 1787 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia (Source: Marriage Records, Southern States, 1728-1850,  (CD 229; Automated Archives; 1994), "Electronic."). 


Child of Charles Anderson and Sallie Claiborne is:

        32               i.    John H.5 Anderson, born 1784.


Children of Charles Anderson and Sally Thornton are:

        33               i.    Joseph5 Anderson.

        34              ii.    Jerry Anderson.

        35             iii.    Caroline Anderson.

        36             iv.    Suzie Anderson.

        37              v.    Charlotte Anderson.


        11.  Dorcas4 Anderson (John3, Northern Neck2, Colonial Virginia1) was born November 13, 1766 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and died Abt. 1849.  She married J. Benjamin Barton September 24, 1783 in South Carolina.  He was born 1760, and died February 16, 1818 in South Carolina.


Children of Dorcas Anderson and J. Barton are:

        38               i.    Joshua5 Barton.

        39              ii.    Celia Barton.

        40             iii.    Averilla Barton.

        41             iv.    Jane Barton.

        42              v.    Thomas Barton.

        43             vi.    Bailey Barton.

        44            vii.    Vassti Barton.

        45           viii.    Eliza Barton.

        46              ix.    Dorcus Barton.

        47               x.    Benjamin Barton.


        12.  Jane4 Anderson (John3, Northern Neck2, Colonial Virginia1) was born Abt. 1768, and died February 11, 1859 in Panola Co., Carthage, Texas.  She married (1) Abraham Marshall.    She married (2) John Holland August 03, 1791. 


Children of Jane Anderson and John Holland are:

        48               i.    Sally5 Holland, born Abt. 1793.

        49              ii.    Elizabeth Holland.

        50             iii.    Anderson Holland.

        51             iv.    William C. Holland.

        52              v.    Pernica Holland.

        53             vi.    Dorcus Holland.

        54            vii.    Susan Holland.