Descendants of James Anderson



Generation No. 1


        1.  James4 Anderson  (John3, North Side2, Colonial Virginia1)1 was born Bef. 1719, and died 1779 in Barren County, Kentucky.  He married Jean ?1. 


Notes for James Anderson:

James 06/10/1740 Augusta Co

400a head of Long Glade of north RIver of Shanando



James 12/15/1749 Augusta Co

50a by the Long Glade



James 09/10/1755 Augusta Co

58a head spring Long Glade northwest side of his own




!  (1) "Anderson Genealogy," by Mary Lynn Steward (1915/1916). Cites : (a) Lyman C. Draper Collection, letter of George Christian. (b) Vir ginia Land Office records 1738-1747. (c) Augusta Co., VA court record s, Dec 1757, statement of Margaret Anderson. (d) Will of Margaret And erson, Augusta Co., VA Will Book 3, p.311.

  (2) "Annals of Augusta County, VA, 1726-1871," by Joseph Addison Wa ddell (Staunton, VA, 1902) p.38-41.

  (3) "Gleanings of Virginia History," by William Fletcher Boogher (1 965) p.308-309. FHL #975.5 H2bw.


!  Birth: (3) Believed to have been brother of John, William and Jame s Anderson.


  (1) Bef. 1736: Came with parents and brothers from Ulster, Irelan d to Port of Pennsylvania. Lived for a while in Lancaster Co., PA.

  (1) Abt. 1736-1738: Lived in East Nottingham Twp., Chester Co., PA.

  (1) Abt. 1738: Came to Augusta Co., VA, then Orange Co., VA.

  (3) Seven or eight heads of families who bore the name of Anderso n were among the earliest settlers of Augusta Co., VA. Whether relate d to each other in any degree is not definitely known, but four of th em, John, George, William and James, settled in the Stone Church neig hborhood and are believed to have been brothers. The other Anderson s referred to settled on Borden's grant in what is now Rockbridge Co . and are not believed to have been related to those who located on o r near Middle River in Augusta Co.

  (2) 1740, 1 Sep: Was granted 270 a. in Augusta Co., VA, on a branc h of Cathey's River, called Anderson's Branch, for importing 5 person s to VA.


James 09/01/1780 Augusta Co

76a adj McComb, Blair, Wm & Sml Anderson and Wm Young's land



James,Sr. 09/01/1780 Augusta Co

137a head spring of Long Glade

patents D/206




Children of James Anderson and Jean ? are:

        2                 i.    John5 Anderson, died 1817.  He married (1) Elizabeth Tempin Davis.  He married (2) Polly Walkup.

        3                ii.    George Anderson1.

        4               iii.    Jane Anderson.

        5               iv.    William Anderson.


Notes for William Anderson:

William 11/12/1787 Augusta Co

150a co-patent Samuel Anderson draft of Naked Creek

grants 14/186




        6                v.    James Anderson1.

        7               vi.    Agnes Anderson1, born Abt. October 19, 1740 in Augusta County, Virginia.

        8              vii.    Ann Anderson1, born Abt. March 01, 1740/41 in Augusta County, Virginia.

        9             viii.    Mary Anderson1, born Abt. March 24, 1742/43 in Augusta County, Virginia.

        10              ix.    Thomas Anderson1, born February 12, 1744/45 in Augusta County, Virginia.

        11               x.    Samuel Anderson1, born February 15, 1746/47; died in Kentucky.  He married Sarah Young.


Notes for Samuel Anderson:

Samuel 06/01 1782 Augusta Co

34a Long Glade adj his own

grants F/501


Samuel 11/12/1787 Augusta Co

150a co-patent William Anderson

grants 14/186



!  (1) "Anderson Genealogy," by Mary Lynn Steward (1915/1916).


!  Birth: (1) s/o James Anderson, s/o John Anderson/Margaret?



Subj:       Re: samuel anderson in virginia

Date:      11/11/99 1:11:24 AM Eastern Standard Time

From:     Linander6

To: PatAnder73


Pat - Thanks for the info.  I am not a beginner, just a beginner to the internet.  I've been tracking Andersons in VA for ca 25 years.  I know all the Samuels you mentioned except Samuel Read Anderson.  What family does he belong to?  Also, please correct your info.  The Samuel Anderson b in 1747 in Augusta Co, s of James, married Sarah Young and migrated to KY.  He is NOT the Samuel who married Elizabeth, and who may be my ancester.  This is a commonly repeated piece of misinformation.  Thank you for taking the time to reply.  Linda 






1.  Mrs. A. Christine Davidson Kraft, Anderson Family GEDCOM,  (611 Southcrest Court, St. Joseph MO 64506 [email protected]), "Electronic."