Descendants of Isaac Anderson



Generation No. 1


        1.  Isaac4 Anderson  (Isaac3, North Side2, Colonial Virginia1) was born Abt. 1730, and died 1811 in Knox County, Tennessee.  He married Margaret Evans. 


Notes for Isaac Anderson:

Subj:       Andersons of Rockbridge

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Jacob Anderson, son of James and Jane (Allison Anderson and Rebecca  Anderson, daughter of Isaac and Margaret (Evans) Anderson married in Rockbridge County on 10 Aug 1798.  Their children were named James

Margaret, Jane, Ma rtha, Adaline, Rebecca and Elizabeth


Here are some marriages for the daughters of Isaac and Margaret (Evans) Anderson, all in Rockbridge County.  Esther married John Edmiston 20 Feb 1794; Mary married Andrew McCampbell, son of John, on 7 April 1781 Rebecca married Jacob Anderson, son of James and Jane (Allison) Anderson on 10 Aug 1798; Margaret married James Harris; Jane married George McNutt; and Martha married James McCampbell


Children of Andrew and Mary (Anderson) McCampbell were Margaret, Andrew, Elizabeth, Flora and William Anderson.  James and Martha (Anderson) McCampbell had one child that I know of, John born 1781


Regarding the William in Botetourt, I may be mistaken but I believe I learned years ago that he was the immigrant in that family, and that he came from Glasgow.  I'm not sure about that, though.  I'll check it out the next time I go to the library.


I don't remember if I told you this before, but I live in Salt Lake City, so have the LDS Family History Library nearby.  I will be happy to search Anderson/Va information if you email me specific questions


Bless you for all the time and effort you have devoted and continue to devote to untangling the Va Andersons.





Children of Isaac Anderson and Margaret Evans are:

+      2                 i.    William5 Anderson.

+      3                ii.    Rebecca Anderson, born Abt. 1778.

        4               iii.    Esther Anderson, born Abt. 1774.  She married John Edmiston February 20, 1794.

+      5               iv.    Mary Anderson, born Abt. 1761.

        6                v.    Margaret Anderson.  She married James Harris.

        7               vi.    Jane Anderson.  She married George McNutt.

+      8              vii.    Martha Anderson.



Generation No. 2


        2.  William5 Anderson (Isaac4, Isaac3, North Side2, Colonial Virginia1)  He married Agnes McCampbell1, daughter of James McCampbell and Martha Anderson.  She was born April 17, 1757 in Augusta County, Virginia, and died September 05, 1837 in Knox County, Tennessee.


Notes for William Anderson:

Subj:       Descendents of Isaac Anderson of Rockbridge County

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Hi Patrick


The William Anderson whose will was probated in Botetourt County in February of 1820 is NOT the son of Isaac and Margaret (Evans) Anderson.  The will of their son William was probatd in December 1830 in Knox County, TN and he is buried in the Anderson-Gouffon Cemetery there.  Children of William and Agnes (McCampbell) Anderson were


(1) Isaac bp 26 Mar 1780 in Rockbridge VA m Flora McCampbell, d 28 Jan 1857 in Marysville, Blount Co, TN, buried Providence Presbyterian Church;

(2) James A.;

(3) William E., who became a lawyer;

(4) Andrew;

(5) Robert McCampbell who married Catherine McCampbell;

(6) Mary Shannon who married William A. McCampbell in 1816 and had a daughter named Martha Ann;

(7) Agnes (Nancy) and

(8) Sarah. 


The parents of Agnes/Nancy McCampbell, b 17 April 1757 in Augusta Co, VA, who married William, son of Isaac and Margaret (Evans) Anderson, were James McCampbell and Martha Anderson.  She died 5 Sep 1837 in Knox Co, TN. 


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I read your posting 4-4-00 and questioned if this isn't the same William who came to Knox Cty. Tn.and was the father of Rev Isaac who founded Maryville College.

    I have a copy of the memorial publication (1932) suitable for faxing which was prepared by Samuel Tyndale Wilson of Maryville College and James Addison Anderson with extensive research on site in Tn and Va.William has nearly identical facts but is buried in the Anderson- Goufon Cem. in Knox Cty.

Charles Anderson


Children of William Anderson and Agnes McCampbell are:

        9                 i.    Isaac6 Anderson, born 1780; died January 28, 1857 in Marysville, Blount County, Tennessee.  He married Flora McCampbell.


More About Isaac Anderson:

Burial: Providence Presbyterian Church


        10              ii.    James A. Anderson.

        11             iii.    William E. Anderson.

        12             iv.    Andrew Anderson.

        13              v.    Robert McCampbell Anderson.

        14             vi.    Mary Shannon Anderson.

        15            vii.    Agnes Anderson.

        16           viii.    Sarah Anderson.



        3.  Rebecca5 Anderson (Isaac4, Isaac3, North Side2, Colonial Virginia1)1 was born Abt. 1778.  She married Jacob Anderson August 10, 1798 in Rockbridge County, Virginia, son of James Anderson and Jane Allison. 


Children of Rebecca Anderson and Jacob Anderson are:

        17               i.    James6 Anderson.

        18              ii.    Margaret Anderson.

        19             iii.    Jane Anderson.

        20             iv.    Martha Anderson.

        21              v.    Adaline Anderson.

        22             vi.    Rebecca Anderson.

        23            vii.    Elizabeth Anderson.



        5.  Mary5 Anderson (Isaac4, Isaac3, North Side2, Colonial Virginia1) was born Abt. 1761.  She married Andrew McCampbell April 07, 1781. 


Children of Mary Anderson and Andrew McCampbell are:

        24               i.    Margaret6 McCampbell.

        25              ii.    Andrew McCampbell.

        26             iii.    Elizabeth McCampbell.

        27             iv.    Flora McCampbell.

        28              v.    William Anderson McCampbell.



        8.  Martha5 Anderson (Isaac4, Isaac3, North Side2, Colonial Virginia1)  She married James McCampbell. 


Child of Martha Anderson and James McCampbell is:

        29               i.    John6 McCampbell, born 1781.






1.  Linda McCarter, Email from Linda McCarter,  ([email protected]), "Electronic."