Descendants of Robert Anderson



Generation No. 1


        1.  Robert1 Anderson was born Abt. 1705.  He married Catherine Graham.  She was born Abt. 1705.


Notes for Robert Anderson:

Traditional Parents of Robert Anderson of Botetourt County.



Child of Robert Anderson and Catherine Graham is:

+      2                 i.    Robert2 Anderson, born Abt. 1733 in County Donegal, Ireland; died July 22, 1825 in Botetourt County, Virginia.



Generation No. 2


        2.  Robert2 Anderson (Robert1) was born Abt. 1733 in County Donegal, Ireland, and died July 22, 1825 in Botetourt County, Virginia.  He married Margaret Neeley. 


Notes for Robert Anderson:

Robert 06/20/1772 Botetourt Co

650a bothsides Catawbo Creek a branch of James River

patents 40/735


Robert 07/19/1787 Botetourt Co

70a Catoco Creek branch of James River adj Wm Snodgrass & John Rightsman

grants 13/ 272


Robert 04/13/1797 Botetourt Co

3000a co-patent uriah Humphrey

grants 37/219


Robert 09/05/1799 Botetourt Co

500a co-patent Zachariah Stanley

grants 41/456


Robert 09/05/1799 Botetourt Co

300a James River adj heirs of John Henderson, John Pitzer on road leading to Cowpasture River

grants 42/604


Robert 09/05/1799 Botetourt Co

130a Catawbo Creek branch of James River adj Andw Wilson & Heirs of David Mitchell

grants 42/605


Robert 09/05/1799 Botetourt Co

400a Dry Run branch of Jacksons RIver adj Christian, Conrod Fudek, George Chambers

grants 42/607


Robert 09/16/1799 Botetourt Co

35a Looneys Creek branch of James RIver adj Geo Warner, Hugh McNeal decd & James Creary

grants 41/404


Robert 09/23/1799 Botetourt Co

1000a co-patent Zachariah Stanley

grants 41/419


Robert 08/15/1800 Botetourt Co

500a co-patent Michael Book

grants 47/92


Robert 03/26/1801 Botetourt Co

850a Sinking Creek branch of New RIver, Craigs Creek branch of James RIver

grants 48/225


Robert 03/27/1801 Botetourt CO

40a Catawbo Creek branch of James River adj Jacob Pters, Price, Preenk

grants 48/222


Robert 05/12/1801 Botetourt Co

250a Sinking Creek branch of New River adj James Trenor & Nathan Ekins

grants 49/147


Robert 08/06/1801 Botetourt Co

1000a co-patent Zachariah Stanley

grants 49/393


Robert 04/12/1805 Botetourt Co

580a Catawbo Creek branch of James River

grants 54/132


Robert 08/27/1806 Botetourt Co

100a Dunlaps Creek branch of Jacksons River adj Sampson Sawyers and Samuel Brown

grants 56/116


Robert 04/20/1809 Botetourt Co

38a Catawbo Creek branch of James RIver

grants 58/15


Robert 08/11/1801 Botetourt Co

100a co-patent Mary Caldwell Bourdons run branch of Catawbo Creek

grants49/ 468


Robert 10/12/1799 Botetourt Co

150a co-patent John Depwe Glad Creek of Roanoke RIver adj James Ripley Frederick Black

grants 41/485



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Just what you needed --- another Robert Anderson!


Actually, I'm really excited because I think I've pieced together the Andersons puzzle.


I sent you two a note about Robert Anderson in Botetourt Co.  Well, yes,  there is a Robert Anderson buried in the Fincastle Presbyterian Church.


Data indicates that :


Robert Anderson (ca 1740 - 1825) emigrated to America in 1755.  He lived first in Del. where he married Margaret Neeley.  The settled in Botetourt County early in 1770.  Their children are:  William, John, Robert, James, Rebecca, and Margaret who married Benjamin Denton in 1793.  Robert and Margaret Anderson's son William is a Revolutionary War patriot.


If you know of anyone connected with this line, please let me know.


Thanks for your help!




Subj:       Re: Andersons of Botetourt County, VA

Date:       98-06-11 09:24:57 EDT

From:      SylviaG53

To:  PatAnder73


I looked back on my Family Tree Maker info where I am keeping my findings and this is what I have:


Robert Anderson was born in Ireland about 1733.  He died in VA 7/22/1825.  He emigrated to PA in 1755, moved to Delaware where he met and married Margaret Neely.  They moved to VA in 1769 and settled in Augusta Co. which later became known as Botetourt the next year.  He had as many as three children:  Col. William Anderson (born 6/2/1764, died 9/13/1839), Francis Thomas Anderson who married Mary Anne Alexander, and Catherine Anderson who married Arthur Glasgow.  Col. Anderson spent time in the Revolutionary War, then settled at "Walnut Hill," near Fincastle which was the county seat for Botetourt. He was also a colonel of a VA regiment in the War of 1812.  He married Anne Thomas from Maryland.  William was a self-taught engineer and surveyor and was later responsible for the building of the turnpike that is now U.S. 220 and U.S. 60 from Fincastle to Covington and beyond.  He is buried along with other members of his family at the Presbyterian Cemetery in Fincastle.  They had several children, one of which was in our direct lineage, Joseph Reid Anderson (born 2/16/1813, died 9\7\1892).  He established the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, VA, in 1836, which was the main supplier of ammo, etc., to the South in the Civil War.  He was a very prominent citizen of the Richmond area.  He was married to Sara (Sallie) Archer, whose father was Dr. Robert Archer, an army surgeon.  They had several children, some of which died at fairly young ages.  Archer Anderson was also in the military and, I think, became pretty famous.  He had a son named after him, Joseph Reid, Jr., and our family member was John Francis Thomas Anderson.  We cannot find out much about him, so we don't know exactly how he fits into things.  John F. T. Anderson (born 2/9/1858, died 9/27/1931) married Elizabeth Campbell Cullen, who was the granddaughter of Dr. John Cullen, who was one of the founders of what is now Medical College of VA, here in Richmond.  The only child we know of that they had (of course, they could have had more) was Sally Reid Anderson who married William Jerome Miller.  He was from NY, and they were the parents of my husband's mother.  A lot of the Anderson family, starting with Joseph Reid, is buried here in Richmond at the Hollywood Cemetery. 


That's it in a fairly quick summary.  If this is something you are looking for and I can fill in some more of the blanks, please let me know.  I will be glad to give you as much info as I have.


Thanks for responding to me.  You can reach me at [email protected] where I check my mail a little more often than I do on AOL.  We have access to it only when it isn't in use at my husband's place of business.  Thanks!


Sylvia Gibbes




Children of Robert Anderson and Margaret Neeley are:

        3                 i.    John3 Anderson.

        4                ii.    Robert Anderson.

        5               iii.    James Anderson.


Notes for James Anderson:

James 07/28/1788 Botetourt Co

100a Looneys Mill Creek adj his own & Philip Weaver

grants 18/278


James 06/16/1794 Botetourt CO

200a co-patent with James Moore

grants 31/215




        6               iv.    Rebecca Anderson.

+      7                v.    Margaret Anderson, born January 18, 1774; died Bef. June 26, 1820 in Botetourt County, Virginia.

+      8               vi.    Col. William Anderson, born June 02, 1764; died September 13, 1839 in Montrose, the Fincastle home of his son Francis Thomas.



Generation No. 3


        7.  Margaret3 Anderson (Robert2, Robert1) was born January 18, 1774, and died Bef. June 26, 1820 in Botetourt County, Virginia.  She married Benjamin Denton July 24, 1793.  He was born April 09, 1769, and died Bef. October 11, 1814 in Botetourt County, Virginia.


Notes for Margaret Anderson:



I had some real breakthroughs today.  Please see the changes to dates of

death for these DENTON children.



Pat Smith


I've made a few changes...minor corrections.


Pat Smith


Benjamin DENTON and Margaret ANDERSON married 24 Jul 1793 in Botetourt Co, Virginia and raised nine children.  Margaret ANDERSON was born 18 Jan 1774, the daughter of Robert ANDERSON and Margaret NEELY of Botetourt Co, Virginia.


        John A. DENTON                b. 6 Aug 1794

                                d. 1848


        Robert DENTON          b. 6 Nov 1796

                                d. 9 Sep 1805,

                                        Botetourt Co., Virginia


        Margaret DENTON              b. 31 Mar 1799


        Dallas DENTON           b. 19 May 1801

                                d. 15 Aug 1865


        Matilda  DENTON               b. 15 Oct 1803


        Benjamin DENTON              b. 9 Apr 1806

                                d. 13 Apr 1848, Tippicanoe Co., Indiana


        Rebecca DENTON               b. 10 Aug 1808

                                d. 3 Oct 1880, St.Clair Co., Missouri


        Elizabeth DENTON      b. 1812


        William Anderson DENTON b. 30 Sep 1813,

                                        Botetourt Co., Virginia

                                d. 20 Dec 1877, Boone Co., Arkansas




Patricia Smith

939 Vetch Circle


Colorado 80026

[email protected]




Children of Margaret Anderson and Benjamin Denton are:

        9                 i.    John A.4 Denton, born August 06, 1794.

        10              ii.    Robert Denton, born November 06, 1796.

        11             iii.    Margaret Denton, born March 21, 1799.

        12             iv.    Dallas Denton, born May 19, 1801.

        13              v.    Matilda Denton, born October 15, 1803.

        14             vi.    Benjamin Denton, born April 09, 1806.

        15            vii.    Rebecca Howard Denton, born August 10, 1808.

        16           viii.    Elizabeth Denton, born Abt. 1812.

        17              ix.    William Anderson Denton, born September 30, 1813.


        8.  Col. William3 Anderson (Robert2, Robert1) was born June 02, 1764, and died September 13, 1839 in Montrose, the Fincastle home of his son Francis Thomas.  He married (1) Anna Thomas May 15, 1796 in Maryland.  She was born in Maryland.  He married (2) Mary Pegram Abt. 1883. 


Notes for Col. William Anderson:

"Journal of the Roanoke Historical Society"


Botetourt County surveyor and self-taught engineer


His home was called "Walnut Hill"


After his marriage, he became a vestryman in the newly-formed congregation of the American Episcopal church.  He continued as a deason and soon as an elder in the Presbyterian church, which in Fincastle, supplanted the Church of England.


He supervised the building of the turnpike (now U.S. 220 and U. S. 60) from Fincastle to Covington and beyond.


Colonel of a Virginia regiment in the War of 1812.

Scotch-Irish immigrant's son, established his home place "Walnut Hill"


Had four sons who grew up at "Walnut Hill," the two oldest studied law, the third studied medicine and the youngest, Joseph Reid Anderson, secured from President Jackson an appointment to West Point.


Info from copy of article "A Cool Head in a Warm Climate" from the magazine Virginia Calvacade


Other information from the Virginia Historical Society's "Journal of the Roanoke Historical Society." (f222 R66  v5-8)



Notes for Anna Thomas:

Daughter of a Maryland planter


Had four sons who grew up at "Walnut Hill," the two oldest studied law, the third studied medicine and the youngest, Joseph Reid Anderson, secured from President Jackson an appointment to West Point.


Info from copy of article "A Cool Head in a Warm Climate" from the magazine Virginia Calvacade


Was of the Church of England ("Journal of the Roanoke Historical Society")



Marriage Notes for William Anderson and Anna Thomas:

On their marriage journey to Botetourt they stayed at an inn, now the Forest Tavern near Natural Bridge. ("Journal of the Roanoke Historical Society")



Children of William Anderson and Anna Thomas are:

+      18               i.    Catherine4 Anderson.

        19              ii.    William Anderson.

+      20             iii.    John Thomas Anderson, born 1804; died 1879.

+      21             iv.    William Neely Anderson, born 1806; died 1868.

+      22              v.    Francis Thomas Anderson, born 1808; died 1887.

+      23             vi.    Joseph Reid Anderson, born February 16, 1813; died September 07, 1892.



Generation No. 4


        18.  Catherine4 Anderson (William3, Robert2, Robert1)  She married Arthur Glasgow. 


Notes for Arthur Glasgow:

of Green Forest, near Lexington



Children of Catherine Anderson and Arthur Glasgow are:

        24               i.    William Anderson5 Glasgow.


Notes for William Anderson Glasgow:

Purchased "Montrose" from his first cousin William Anderson.  It burned in the 1920's and Breckenridge Elementary School stands on the site today.



+      25              ii.    Francis Thomas Glasgow.


        20.  John Thomas4 Anderson (William3, Robert2, Robert1) was born 1804, and died 1879.  He married Cassandra Shanks Patton. 


Notes for John Thomas Anderson:

"Journal of the Roanoke Historical Society"


Lived and died in Botetourt County.  He, his wife and only son are all buried in the Presbyterian cemetery near those of his parents and his four grandparents, Robert and Margaret Neely Anderson, Francis and Grace Metcalfe Thomas.


Represented his county in the Virginia House of Delegates and in the State Constitutional Convention of 1849-50.


He was a lawyer and practice for 22 years in Fincastle.  Was involved in the beginnings of Fincastle Academy and the Presbyterian church.


Appointed by President Andrew Jackson to the board of the United States Military Academy.


He retired from his law business and was involved in getting iron down to his brother Joseph Reid Anderson at Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, VA.


Their home "Mt. Joy" was destroyed by the Union General Hunter and they lived in the brick servant's house and kitchen after the mansion was burned.


He had six boys before he passed away.



Notes for Cassandra Shanks Patton:

"Journal of the Roanoke Historical Society"


She had three sons by a previous marriage and also they raised at least two Shanks nephews.

She had three children by a previous marriage.  And they also raised  at least two Shanks nephews.



Child of John Anderson and Cassandra Patton is:

        26               i.    Joseph Washington5 Anderson, died 1863 in Baker's Creek near Vicksburg, Mississippi.  He married Anna Morris; born in Louisa County, VA.


Notes for Joseph Washington Anderson:

"Journal of the Roanoke Historical Society"


He was slain at Baker's Creek, near Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Joseph Washington Anderson was slain in 1863 at Baker's Creek near Vicksburg, Mississippi.



Notes for Anna Morris:

lived in Louisa County



        21.  William Neely4 Anderson (William3, Robert2, Robert1) was born 1806, and died 1868.  He married Mary Jane Kerr. 


Notes for William Neely Anderson:

He studied at the well-known Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA and became a physician.



Child of William Anderson and Mary Kerr is:

        27               i.    William Rush5 Anderson.


        22.  Francis Thomas4 Anderson (William3, Robert2, Robert1) was born 1808, and died 1887.  He married Mary Ann Alexander. 


Notes for Francis Thomas Anderson:

"Journal of the Roanoke Historical Society"


Grew up at "Walnut Hill" with his three brothers and four sisters.


Went to Washington College where he studied law.


After he graduated, he and Mary Anne were married and moved to Fincastle where he practiced law with distinction, becoming a member of the State Legislature and of the Constitutional Convention of 1849-50.  He was also in the State Senate, and became a leader of the Whig Party.


In 1861, he was a member of the Electoral College for choosing the president of the United States.


Several people owned Cassandra Furnace in Arnold's Valley and in 1853 Francis acquired sole ownership of the furnace.  This is when he gave up his law practice.  He changed the name of the furnace to Glenwood Furnace.  All the ledger books concerning management of Glenwood Furnace have been placed in the Alderman Library at the University of Virginia, and hundreds of letters from Gen. Joseph R. Anderson at the Tredegar in Richmond to his brother Francis at Glenwood about their transactions are also there.  Other records of Glenwood Furnace and hundreds of letter from F. T. Anderson were also in the Tredegar Archives.


He had built a handsome plantation house "Montrose" near Fincastle and later sold it to his first cousin William Anderson Glasgow, of Green Forest.


When Gen. Hunter burned V.M.I. and Gov. John Letcher's house at Lexington he missed Glenwood Furnace.  Had he known it was there, he would have burned it too.


Francis moved his family to Lexington in the later years of the war and his first home there was the Samuel Jordan House, now V.M.I. Hospital



Children of Francis Anderson and Mary Alexander are:

+      28               i.    William A.5 Anderson.

        29              ii.    William Dandridge Alexander Anderson.


        23.  Joseph Reid4 Anderson (William3, Robert2, Robert1) (Source: (1) World Family Tree Vol. 1, Ed. 1, volumes 1-12., (2) "The Four Anderson Brothers" article from the Journal of the Roanoke Historical Society., (3) "A Cool Head in a Warm Climate" article from Virginia Calvacade, Winter 1963., (4) Engagement Announcement of Betty Miller and Dan Gibbes., (5) Tombstones at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA., (6) Tombstones at St. John's Chapel in Greensprings, Louisa County, VA., (7) Elizabeth M. Gibbes' voice recorded tapes of her life, done in 1998., (8) Info from Amanda Ellerbee, Valentine Museum, 5/20/98 (Phone 649-0711)., (9) "Sketch of the Life of Dr. John Cullen from the Atlantic Journal of Medicine, Richmond, VA, 1883-1885., (10) "John Cullen," article from the VA Medical Monthly - Sept. 1927., (11) The National Cyclopedia of American Biography, vol. XIII, "Alexander Spotswood"., (12) "Portraits in the Collection of the VA Historical Society, 1981", Alexander Spotswood., (13) "History of Virginia," f226, H67, v. 6 (1924) from the Historical Society of VA., (14) "Portraits in the Collection of the VA Historical Society, 1981", Alexander Spotswood.) was born February 16, 1813, and died September 07, 1892.  He married (1) Sara Eliza Archer May 03, 1837.  She was born 1819, and died August 13, 1881.  He married (2) Mary Pegram 1883 in Richmond, VA.  She was born Bet. 1830 - 1845, and died 1911.


Notes for Joseph Reid Anderson:

Served in the U. S. Engineers until 1838.

Graduated fourth in his class of 49, he graduated from West Point in 1836


April 4, 1848 - bought Tredegar Ironworks


Tredegar Ironworks- Established in 1836, the company got a shaky start and almost went bankrupt in 1841.  A West Point graduate, Joseph Reid Anderson, joined the firm as a sales agent that year.


On April 17, 1861, news of the secession reached Richmond.  Anderson promptly joined the army of Northern Virginia, achieving general's rank, but was soon asked by General Robert E. Lee to return to Tredegar Ironworks to manage the ironworks of which Lee's victory was so dependent.


Richmond fell in 1865 and Anderson again showed his leadership abilities, routing a force of 2500 armed Tredegar employees to turn away the burning city's looters and vandals, thus saving the iron from desturction.  They were pardoned by Johnson and Anderson brought Tredegar back.


In 1847, he moved his family to a columned stucco mansion at 113 West Franklin Street in Richmond, VA, on the sloping lot where the Jefferson Hotel now stands.

He was a vestryman at St. Paul's Church.  He was a member of the House of Delegates in Richmond in 1873-74 and 1874-75.  He was elected senion warden at St. Paul's Church in 1873, president of the Chamber of Commerce in 1874, and president of the City Council in 1876.


Info from "Virginia Calvalcade" magazine article "A Cool Head in a Warm Climate" and article "Virginia Iron Furnaces of the Confederacy," issue Autumn 1967, p. 10.


He and Sara had 12 children, but he outlived all but four of them.



Children of Joseph Anderson and Sara Archer are:

        30               i.    Colonel Archer5 Anderson, born October 15, 1838 in Ft. Monroe, VA; died July 14, 1918.  He married Mary Anne Mason; born July 17, 1834 in Fortsville, Southampton County, VA; died January 03, 1928 in Richmond, VA.

        31              ii.    Kathleen Anderson, born 1840; died 1863.  She married Watson.

        32             iii.    Fannie Anderson, born 1846; died 1939.  She married Edwin L. Hobson.

        33             iv.    Ellen Graham Anderson, born 1849; died 1871.

+      34              v.    Joseph Reid Anderson, Jr., born 1851; died 1930.

        35             vi.    Mary Bruce Anderson, born 1855; died 1936.  She married T. Seddon Bruce.

+      36            vii.    John Francis Thomas Anderson, born February 09, 1858; died September 27, 1931.



Generation No. 5


        25.  Francis Thomas5 Glasgow (Catherine4 Anderson, William3, Robert2, Robert1)


Notes for Francis Thomas Glasgow:

Officer of the Tredegar Ironworks

Father of Ellen Glasgow, novelist



Child of Francis Thomas Glasgow is:

        37               i.    Ellen6 Glasgow.


Notes for Ellen Glasgow:




        28.  William A.5 Anderson (Francis Thomas4, William3, Robert2, Robert1)


Children of William A. Anderson are:

        38               i.    William Dandridge Alexander6 Anderson.


Notes for William Dandridge Alexander Anderson:

U. S. Army of Engineers



        39              ii.    Ellen Graham Anderson.


Notes for Ellen Graham Anderson:

She wrote the article, "The Four Anderson Brothers" that appeared in the Journal of the Roanoke Historical Society magazine where a lot of my information came from.  We have a copy of that article.



        34.  Joseph Reid5 Anderson, Jr. (Joseph Reid4, William3, Robert2, Robert1) was born 1851, and died 1930.  He married Anne Watson Barbour Morris.  She was born November 21, 1851, and died January 10, 1895.


Children of Joseph Anderson and Anne Morris are:

        40               i.    George Watson6 Anderson, born November 02, 1885; died July 1886.

        41              ii.    William Anderson, born June 23, 1887; died January 25, 1888.


        36.  John Francis Thomas5 Anderson (Joseph Reid4, William3, Robert2, Robert1) was born February 09, 1858, and died September 27, 1931.  He married (1) Elizabeth Campbell Cullen.  She was born February 18, 1859, and died November 05, 1897.  He married (2) Irene E. Werner.  She was born December 25, 1865, and died April 01, 1936.


Notes for John Francis Thomas Anderson:

John Anderson and Elizabeth Cullen had four children, one of which was Sally Reid Anderson.



Notes for Elizabeth Campbell Cullen:

John Anderson and Elizabeth Cullen had four children, one of which was Sally Reid Anderson.



Notes for Irene E. Werner:

Her brother lived with her even after she married John F. T. Anderson.



Children of John Anderson and Elizabeth Cullen are:

+      42               i.    Sally Reid6 Anderson, born November 11, 1881 in Richmond, VA; died September 16, 1949 in Richmond, VA.

        43              ii.    Dorsey Cullen Anderson, born June 23, 1883; died November 17, 1951.  He married Beulah Fay ?; born October 12, 1883; died December 10, 1958.

        44             iii.    Elizabeth Cullen Anderson, born December 21, 1885; died October 23, 1958.  She married // Broome.

        45             iv.    Ellen Graham Anderson, born Aft. 1886.

        46              v.    Jenny Anderson, born Aft. 1886.



Generation No. 6


        42.  Sally Reid6 Anderson (John Francis Thomas5, Joseph Reid4, William3, Robert2, Robert1) was born November 11, 1881 in Richmond, VA, and died September 16, 1949 in Richmond, VA.  She married William Jerome Miller January 26, 1903 in St. Paul's Church, Richmond, VA.  He was born January 06, 1881 in New York, New York, and died Abt. 1971 in near New Milford, CT.


Children of Sally Anderson and William Miller are:

+      47               i.    Elizabeth Cullen7 Miller, born April 15, 1917 in Hempstead, NY.

+      48              ii.    Virginia Otelia Cullen Miller, born April 10, 1921; died March 02, 1991 in Charlottesville, VA.



Generation No. 7


        47.  Elizabeth Cullen7 Miller (Sally Reid6 Anderson, John Francis Thomas5, Joseph Reid4, William3, Robert2, Robert1) was born April 15, 1917 in Hempstead, NY.  She married Daniel Leonidas Gibbes, Jr. May 03, 1944 in Columbia, SC.  He was born July 10, 1918 in Lynchburg, SC, and died December 27, 1976 in Charlottesville, VA.


Notes for Elizabeth Cullen Miller:

Graduated from St. Catherine's School in Richmond, where she was a member of the All-Richmond hockey team, vice president of the student government and among the honor students.  She attended Converse college for two years and graduated from the University of South Carolina, where she was a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, Alpha Kappa Gamma leadership sorority, officer of the coed association and on the dean's honor list. She was on the varsity tennis team at the university.  After college she taught school and was a doctor's assistant in Columbia before marriage.


Info from engagement announcement that appeared in the newspaper.




Notes for Daniel Leonidas Gibbes, Jr.:

Graduated with honors from the University of South Carolina, selected as one of the most outstanding students ever to graduate from the university, president of his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha; president of ODK and KSK, leadership fraternities, eidtor in chief of Garnet and Black annual, chairman of the honor coucil for two years, vice president of inter-fraternity coucil and treasurer of the "Y."  Won the Wade Hampton Department scholarship in history and the Algenon Sidney Sullivan award, which is presented annually to the student who has given the most unselfish service to his alma mater.  Was on the dean's honor roll and listed in "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities."


Info from engagement announcement that appeared in the newspaper.



Marriage Notes for Elizabeth Miller and Daniel Gibbes:

Married at Trinity Episcopal Church in  Lynchburg, SC.



Children of Elizabeth Miller and Daniel Gibbes are:

        49               i.    Dorsey Cullen8 Gibbes, born November 16, 1945.

        50              ii.    Catherine Spotswood Gibbes, born October 28, 1950.

        51             iii.    Peter Lawrence Gibbes, born October 28, 1956 in Charlottesville, VA.  He married Sylvia Faye Cutchins January 06, 1990 in Richmond, VA; born February 18, 1953 in Franklin, VA.


        48.  Virginia Otelia Cullen7 Miller (Sally Reid6 Anderson, John Francis Thomas5, Joseph Reid4, William3, Robert2, Robert1) was born April 10, 1921, and died March 02, 1991 in Charlottesville, VA.  She married Hal Hansen. 


Children of Virginia Miller and Hal Hansen are:

        52               i.    Victor8 Hanson, born Abt. 1944.

        53              ii.    Virginia Bruce Hanson, born Abt. 1948.