Descendants of Alexander Anderson



Generation No. 1


        1.  Alexander3 Anderson  ("South Side"2, "Colonial Virginia"1) (Source: Virginia State Library, Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants,  (, "Electronic.") was born Abt. 1640.  He married ?. 


Notes for Alexander Anderson:

1666 Alexander Anderson headright of Joseph Bridger Nansemond County seems there was another headright of Joseph Bridger: a David Anderson.......2nd name on the list of headrights...


GRANTEE  Bridger, Joseph, Capt. grantee. 

DATE  6 January 1668. 

NOTE  Location: Isle of Wight County. 

NOTE  Description: 1000 acres on a swamp that runs into the west branch of Nanzemond River. Formerly gtd. Thomas Harris March 2nd 1655 and renewed in his name Mar, 18, 1662 and by him deserted &c. 

NOTE  "See memo: on the margin of the Record" 

NOTE  Source: Land Office Patents No. 6, 1666-1679 (pt.1 & 2 p.1-692), p. 207 (Reel 6). 

NOTE  Part of the index to the recorded copies of patents for land issued by the Secretary of the Colony serving as the colonial Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia. 

OTHER FORMAT  Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41. 

SUBJECT  Land titles -- Registration and transfer -- Virginia -- Isle of Wight County. 

SUBJECT  Isle of Wight County (Va.) -- History -- 17th century. 

SUBJECT  Land grants -- Virginia -- Isle of Wight County. aat. 




Anderson, Alexander. grantee

22 April 1670

Location: Nansemond County

Description: 300 acres adjoining the land of James Long and Hugh Sanders

Source: Land Office Patents No. 6, 1666-1679 (pt.1 & 2 p. 1-692), p. 311 (reel 6).

The Library of Virginia, Land Office Patents & Grants/Northern Neck Grants & Surveys

To all &c Now know yee that I William Berkeley Knt Governor: &c give and Grant Alexander Anderson three Hundred Acres of Land in ye upper pariush of Nanzemond County at a m**ed Gum, and soe Runing West by Soute 150 pools to a mked Gum, and soe Soute and East 320 pools, to a mked pine butting on ye land of James Long and soe East by Norte *** pools Joyning to Longs Land to a mked pine, and soe Norte by West, 320: pools, Joyning to Hugh Sande*s his Land to ye first Station, ye said Land being Due y and for the Transport of six per**  to have and to Hold &c and to be Held &c yeilding & paying; Provided: &c Datted the 22 of Aprill ---  1670

Jno *iskeson        *en  North      *** Randall

***  Harris            Anth Roon      Geo  B?ayfeild

(transcribed by Marc Anderson, original spelling/punctuation)


Subj: Alexander/George connection 1670 

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We've communicated a couple of times in the last year or so....  please find attached my sources for concluding that George (1695) and Alexander Anderson (patent 1670) lived in the same area of Southampton (Round Hill Swamp).


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looking forward to your response...


Marc Anderson




Children of Alexander Anderson and ? are:

        2                 i.    George4 Anderson (Source: Virginia State Library, Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants,  (, "Electronic."), born Abt. 1670 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.  He married Elizabeth ?.


Notes for George Anderson:

The Library of Virginia, Land Office Patents & Grants/ Northern Neck Grants & Surveys

Land Office Patents No. 9, 1697-1706 (v.1 & 2 p.1-742), p. 22 (reel 9)


Ardrewson, George. grantee

25 October 1695

Isle of Wight County

175 acres adjoining the land of George Pearce, John Silleway

Wm. Carver, Wm. Williams and Richd. Brassells.



To all &c whereas &c Now Know yee that I the Said Sr. Edmond Andros Knt Governor &c doe with the advice and Consent of the Councill of State------- Accordingly give and grant unto George Andrewson one hundred Seventy five acres of Land in the lower parish of the Isle of wight County bounded thus begining at a red oake in George Pearces line John Silleways Corner tree and runing on George Pearces line west Southwest fifty Eight pole to apine William Carvers and William Williams Corner tree then on Williams line South forty Seven degrees East two hundred Ninety Six pole to apine by Corner tree then South fifty five degrees- East twenty two pole to apine  Richard Brassells Corner tree then North Nineteen degrees East one hundred fifty eight pole to a Lightwood Stake in John Silleways line then on Silleways line North Sixty nine degrees----west two hundred forty Eight poles to the first Station, the Said one hundred Seventy five Acres of Land being due Unto

the Said George Andrewson by and for the Importation of four persons into this Colony all whose Names are to be in the records-- Mentioned Under this Patent  to have and to hold &c to be held &c Yeilding and paying &c provided &c Dated the 25th day of October Anno Dom 1695

                                                                      E Andros

James: Samson   three **nes

Eliz Samson his Daughter


(Transcript by Marc Anderson, original spelling/punctuation)



1704 rent roll

Anderson, George          Isle of Wight County      150 acres


George and his wife Elizabeth sold this land in 1710 and I believe they moved to Surry County, possibly in the southern parish that became Sussex County


        3                ii.    Mary Anderson, born Abt. 1675.  She married Richard Reynolds.


Notes for Mary Anderson:

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