New Stuff

New Stuff

Updates of 3 February 2004 refined the notes on the "Scots" Andersons of Hanover County, added family to Alexander Anderson North of the James River, and updated Richard Anderson (b.1585).  Finally after years of trying to tack somebody onto William Anderson of the York River Basin, I studied my own little map and realized that he had moved up the Rappahannock Road to Middlesex County, where I found his sons in the Christ Church Parish Register on

Updates of 24 January 2004 clarified the notes of John and Walter Anderson of the Northern Neck, placed John Anderson (md Sarah Carney) as the son of David Anderson, III of  the Northern Neck, refreshed Thomas Anderson and Bartholomew Anderson of Northern Virginia; refreshed Lawrence Anderson of the Rappahanock  Basin; gave Richard Anderson (b.1585) an extra generation for readability; reorganized and added some notes to Thomas Anderson of the Southside, and added Peter and Ericus Anderson of the southwest.

Updates of 28 December 2003 come from correspondence regarding the family of William Anderson of King William who married Dorothy Dabney resulting in re-assigning him and merging him with William the son of Robert Anderson Sr..

Updates of 6 July 2003 reflect a review of Hanover County records in an attempt to distinguish between the Scotch Presbyterian Andersons the Anglican Andersons.  In addition an Analysis of Charles Anderson brother of Bartelot Anderson leads to the conclusion  that Bartelot Anderson was the son of Matthew Anderson and not Robert Anderson, Jr.  I have refreshed my York River Basin files.

Updates of 16 May 2003 refreshed a number of families with additional notes, including David Anderson, John and Walter Anderson of the northern neck, Joseph Anderson of the Rappahannock River. I corrected an error regarding John Anderson grandson of Lawrence Anderson of the Rappahannock River Basin. And refreshed my notes of Robert Anderson of the York River Basin and his sons Richard and Thomas. I added a report sent to me on James Anderson of Southwest Virginia  (Montgomery County).

Update of 6 August 2001 included a new report on James Anderson of Kanawha County.

Update of 17 November 2000 restructured my collection so that a Central Virginia region was created which better accommodated the Augusta and Rockbridge County Families.

Update of 13 November 2000 added some notes to the early Richard Anderson and Robert Anderson of Goldmine and added some family to Bartholomew Anderson of northern Virginia.

Update of 7 November 2000 corrected the file of Isaac Anderson of Rockbridge County and updated an email address in James Anderson of Kanawha County. Music was added to sing along to while digging up your selected from the works of Stephen Collins Foster.

Update of 1 November 2000 added the click-able 1793 Virginia map and gave the main web page a new look but did not substantially alter the family content.  I am beginning a rework of the county files and will be adding some missing ones and merging the 1810 census data into the old files and adding some text.

Update of 27 October 2000 added the family of Isaac Anderson and restructured the Augusta County Andersons in order to reduce the page size.

Yes, the web page was off-line for a week between the 20 and 27 of October, 2000 while I resolved some difficulties over my method of access for maintaining the page.

Update of 16 July 2000 added Peter Anderson of Northern Virginia, corrected John Anderson of Stafford County, updated James Anderson of Williamsburg, made some additions and corrections and restructured the family of Robert Anderson of Goldmine, added the "Scots" Andersons of Hanover County, and restructured Thomas Anderson of the South Side of Virginia.  A new GEDCOM was uploaded.  The alphabetical indices were removed because I couldn't keep them current but the researcher should use the link to the GEDCOM at for access to the file alphabetically.  I removed the GEDCOM download feature because obsolete copies of the file were appearing on the internet over which I had no control and could not correct and update.

Update of 1 April 2000 combined the Madison and Bedford County George Anderson into one family. Made a correction about Alexander Anderson to the tree of Robert Anderson.

Update of 25 March 2000 added the link to WorldConnect providing interactive examination of the combined GEDCOM.

Update of 7 March 2000 refreshed John Anderson of Augusta County and and George Anderson of Bedford County.

Update of 26 February 2000 corrected William Anderson of King William County by removing Pouncey Anderson and incorporating notes on William's 1717 will. Pouncey has been re-assigned to the Robert Anderson family as a son of Richard Anderson.

Update of 26 February 2000 made some revisions to Robert Anderson of Goldmine's incorporating my review of VA land patents and a re-reading of William Pope Anderson's writings.

Update of 26 February 2000 included some rewrite of notes on the Reverend Charles Anderson of Westover parish.

Update of 26 February 2000 refreshed the notes on Richard Anderson born 1585 and the speculative early Andersons of the Williamsburg Peninsula.

Update of 5 February 2000 completed a study of Land Patents in Virginia and I have updated the web pages with the results.  You may want to check back over any reports that you have already read before 1 February 2000.  In particular I have added to the county description files.  In addition I have refreshed the indices and GEDCOM. I am going through the process of adding marriage data and links to the County description Files and completed this March 25, 2000.

Update of 18 January 2000 added some land patents to the file of Descendants of Robert Anderson.

Update of 18 January 2000 added some land patents to the file of Descendants of Richard Anderson.

Update of 18 January 2000 added some land patents to the file of Descendants of William Anderson.

Update of 18 January 2000 introduced the file of Descendants of Samuel Anderson.

Update of 18 January 2000 introduced the file of Descendants of Nathan Anderson.

Update of 31 July 1999 linked Thomas Anderson of Mecklenburg into the Robert Anderson family of the York River and updated the Mecklenburg County file.

Update of 2 July 1999 clarified the descendants of Thomas Anderson of Southside Virginia by separating the information into two reports in an effort to achieve greater readability for the user.

Update of 21 June 1999 I hope corrected a problem downloading the GEDCOM and added the story of how I proved my KY to VA link.

Update of 12 March 1999 joined the Virginia Genealogy Ring

Update of 12 February 1999 added some wills to the file of Descendants of Robert Anderson.

Update of 2 February 1999 added the links to the Query Boards.

Update of 1 February 1999 corrected and updated the file of John and Walter Anderson.

Update of 20 December 1998 corrected an error regarding Thomas Anderson of Mecklenburg County, updated the Mecklenburg County file, and corrected Richard Anderson of York River.

Update of 9 December 1998 added the family of Joseph Anderson, updated the family of John Anderson, added the map of Colonial Virginia and added the Birth, Marriage and Death Indices.

Update of 5 December 1998 refreshed many of the family files from my GEDCOM which may have added information into the files, so please take the opportunity to re-check them. In addition I added the feature to download the combined GEDCOM.

Update of 28 November 1998 - 5 December 1998 moved these pages to

Update of 7 October 1998 added the file of Elijah Anderson of Culpeper, Fauquier and Rappahannock Counties.

Update of 18 September 1998 added the file of James Anderson from Denmark to Kanawah County after the Revolution, and updated the Descendants of Thomas Anderson of Northern Virginia.

Update of 19 August 1998 updated the Index of Individuals.

Update of 22 July 1998 made a technical fix to the link to William Anderson of Hampshire County. Also three new families were added: Descendants of Walter Anderson of King George County and Descendants of William Anderson of Northumberland County and Descendants of Jacob Anderson of Montgomery County.

Update of 15 June 1998 improved upon the Descendants of Robert Anderson of Botetourt County.

Update of 25 April 1998 added Descendants of George Anderson and added notes to the file of Reynard Anderson.

Update of 17 March 1998 included a revision and considerable improvement to the Augusta County Anderson file of John Anderson, Changes to the Augusta County file and the addition of the New Stuff file.

Update of 28 February 1998 included the addition of files on Bartholomew Anderson and Thomas Anderson of northern Virginia.

Update of 7 January 1998 included the addition of the 1810 census.

Update of 20 December 1997 included the county files.

Update of 12 December 1997 included the Index of Persons in Family Files.

Update of 6 November 1997 included the head rights and rent rolls files.

The MIDI file of "The Voice of By Gone Days" (lyrics) by Stephen Collins Foster (1826-1864) is used by permission of Benjamin Robert Tubb from his website at Public Domain Music

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