Anderson in Washington County

Anderson in Washington County

Late 18th century tax records 
indicate the presence of:


Late 18th century marriage records 
indicate the presence of:

LANE, Turner                ANDERSON, Martha            27 Sep 1787
ANDERSON, Isaac             GIBSON, Sarah               03 Jan 1792
ANDERSON, William           CLAGHORN, Susanna           03 Aug 1794
McREYNOLDS, James           ANDERSON, Susana            26 Jul 1796
WHITE, David                ANDERSON, Hannah            26 Dec 1797
HALLIARD, Joel              ANDERSON, Mary              24 Aug 1797
OBRIEN, John                ANDERSON, Ann               29 Jul 1804
WAMPLER, Jacob              ANDERSON, Esther            14 Dec 1804
PIERCE, Aaron               ANDERSON, Mary              07 Feb 1805
KELLY, Anderson             MURDOCK, Mary               05 Aug 1805

18th century Virginia patents 
reveal the presence of:

Andrew 10/28/1801 Washington Co.
50a mouth of Salt works Gap adj Thompsons

James 04/08/1800 Washington Co
50a Honey Locust Branch of Middle Fork of Holstein River adj James Craig & Wm Gray
grants 45/342

James 05/08/1800 Washington CO
200a North fork Reedy Creek north branch Holstein River
grants 45/355

John 07/05/1786 Washington Co
300a middle fork of Holstein River
Grants Y/575

John 06/03/1793 Washington Co
59a southside of north fork of Holstein River
grants 29/164

John 06/03/1793 Washington Co
91a bothside north fork of Holstein River
grants 29/166

John 07/03/1793 Washington Co
617.5a bothside North fork of Clinch River on Turkey Lick Branch adj Wallens land
grants 28/467

John 02/28/1800 Washington Co
267a south branch of north fork of Hostein River adj his own
grants 45/178

Peter 06/06/1793 Washington Co
180a lick run of middle fork of Holstein River
grants 29/180

Thomas 07/19/1802 Washington Co
146a middle fork of Holstein River adj Blessing, Wheeler ets
grants 50/219

William 06/20/1785 Washington Co.
400a bothsides Glead Spring Branch of Powells River
grants Q/399

William 04/12/1786 Washington Co
980a bothsides of Powells River opposite Glade Spring AKA Bufflaoe Walks
grants Z/161

William 05/08/1786 Washington Co
920a Martins Creek in Powells Valley adj Joseph Martin
grants W/725

William 08/11/1796 Washington Co
50a Middle fork of Holstein River top and south of Walkers Mountain
grants 34/498

William 02/01/1799 Washington Co
279a head Neals Branch middle fork Holstein River
grants 38/543

1810 Virginia Census

Anderson, David       Washington       211  10201-03101-0,0
Anderson, Isaac       Washington       225  02001-20201-0,1
Anderson, Jacob       Washington       225  10100-10100-0,0
Anderson, James       Washington       210  10201-43001-0,0
Anderson, James, C.   Washington       225  00100-00100-0,0
Anderson, John        Washington       225  22101-11110-0,0
Anderson, John        Washington       225  00001-10010-1,5
Anderson, John        Washington       220  50010-10010-0,0
Anderson, John        Washington       235  00101-00201-1,2
Anderson, Lewis       Washington       227  10100-10100-0,0
Anderson, Thomas      Washington       225  02001-20201-0,1


I have no further information on these individuals at present. The common given names of these men make them difficult to connect, however one clue is that an informant has reported that the Peter among these men originated in Bedford County and I would suggest trying to align these men with the Augusta/Bedford County Anderson families. Best of luck.

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