Anderson in Sussex County

Anderson in Sussex County

Late 18th century tax records 
indicate the presence of:


Late 18th century marriage records 
indicate the presence of:

ANDERSON, Edward            OLIVER, Susanna             20 Mar 1775
ANDERSON, McDowell          SYKES, Jane                 28 Oct 1784
IVEY, Jesse                 ANDERSON, Sarah             30 Mar 1787
REDING, Anderson            PARHAM, Elisha              20 Dec 1787
WILKERSON, Henry            ANDERSON, Susanna           01 Sep 1791
ANDERSON, James             CHAPPELL, Martha            13 Feb 1800
ANDERSON, Nelson            JOHNSON, Sarah              11 Jul 1803
ANDERSON, Thomas            SHANDS, Frances             05 Jun 1810

1810 Virginia Census

Anderson, McDowell    Sussex           625  02201-11001-0,1



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