Anderson in Rockbridge County

Anderson in Rockbridge County

Late 18th century marriage records 
indicate the presence of:

ANDERSON, William           M251 McCAMPBELL, Nancy           02 Apr 1779
KELSEY, John                A536 ANDERSON, Mary              07 Mar 1780
McCAMPBELL, Andrew          A536 ANDERSON, Mary              07 Apr 1781
BEGGS, James                A536 ANDERSON, Jennet            08 Feb 1787
ANDERSON, Robert            W426 WALKER, Margaret            16 Oct 1791
EDMINSON, John              A536 ANDERSON, Ester             20 Feb 1794
ANDERSON, Jacob             A536 ANDERSON, Rebecca           10 Aug 1798
ELLIS, James                A536 ANDERSON, Jean              11 Nov 1799
WALKER, John                A536 ANDERSON, Margaret          03 Jan 1800
ANDERSON, Isaac             M251 McCAMPBELL, Flora           19 Oct 1802
ANDERSON, James             F432 FLETCHER, Agnes             08 Jul 1802
PARSONS, George             A536 ANDERSON, Esther            04 Apr 1805
ANDERSON, James             P400 PAUL, Jenny                 06 Mar 1806
ANDERSON, David             W520 WENCE, Catharine            22 Sep 1808
ANDERSON, James             C434 CALDWELL, Sarah             28 Dec 1809
ANDERSON, John              M252 McKENZIE, Mary              06 Nov 1809
WALLACE, Anderson           G416 GALBRAITH, Polly            30 Mar 1809
JOHNSTON, Anderson          W534 WINDELL, Nancy              13 Sep 1810

1810 Virginia Census

Anderson, David       Rockbridge       401  00010-20010-0,0
Anderson, George      Rockbridge       414  00001-00001-0,0
Anderson, James       Rockbridge       412  00001-00001-0,1
Anderson, James       Rockbridge       403  00101-00101-0,0
Anderson, John        Rockbridge       393  20010-20010-0,0
Anderson, John        Rockbridge       411  00100-00010-0,0
Anderson, Robert      Rockbridge       393  32001-40110-0,7
Anderson, Robert      Rockbridge       396  20011-30010-0,0


This may also be a mix of the members of the York River basin family and others who arrived on the expanding western frontier of Virginia. Jacob is not a name in common use in the York River family.

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