Anderson in Prince George County

Anderson in Prince George County

Late 18th century marriage records 
indicate the presence of:

BARNES, Thomas              ANDERSON, Elizabeth         22 Dec 1785
CAMERON, Donald             ANDERSON, Mary              17 Dec 1791

18th century Virginia patents 
reveal the presence of:

Charles 06/20/1733 Prince George CO
400a head of Eills Run of Stony Creek adj Robert Bolling Sappone tract

Henry 03/24/1725 Prince George Co
1144a head branches of Beaver Pond Branch of Deep Creek and branches of Smacks Creek

Henry 09/27/1728 Prince George Co
1800a upper side of Knibs Creek adj Cobbs land

Henry,Jr. 09/27/1729 Prince George Co
1737a lower side of Knibs Creek

James 09/05/1723 Prince George Co
308a west upper side of Butterwood Swamp
patents 11/207

James 08/18/1735 Prince George Co
150a north side Little Nottoway River
patents 16/160

John 09/27/1728 Prince George Co
952a both side of Knibs Creek
patents 13/4040

John 05/01/1706 Prince George Co
405a co-patent Robert Munford adj Henry King on Moccosoneck Creek
patents 9/715

Matthew 06/22/1722 Prince George Co
293a west side Butterwood Swamp
patents 11/112

Matthew 07/09/1724 Prince George Co
493a both side Butterwood Swamp adj Francis Coleman, Thomas hardway etc
patents 12/75

Paulin 09/29/1733 Prince George Co
2075a south  side Appomattox River adj Wm Fuqua, Wm Echols etc
patents 15/124

Thomas 06/16/1714 Prince George Co
105a Cattails & Reed branches adj his own
patents 10/157

William 07/14/1718 Prince George Co
299a both sides Mawhippanock Creek adj Matthew Mayes
patents 10/401

1810 Virginia Census

Anderson, Alexander   Prince George    282  00110-10010-0,0
Anderson, Cloy        Prince George    271  00000-00000-3,0
Anderson, David       Prince George    282  01010-00201-0,0
Anderson, Elizabeth   Prince George    286  01000-00011-0,0
Anderson, Mary        Prince George    281  00001-20100-0,0
Anderson, Robert      Prince George    273  20010-20100-0,0
Anderson, Samuel      Prince George    285  11010-21010-0,0
Anderson, Sarah       Prince George    286  00000-00010-0,0
Anderson, Spencer     Prince George    285  01101-00101-0,0


At the beginning of the 18th century there were three Anderson families which resided in Prince George County.

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