Anderson in Prince Edward County

Anderson in Prince Edward County

Late 18th century tax records 
indicate the presence of:

ANDERSON, David - a great grandson of Thomas Anderson
ANDERSON, John - a great grandson of Thomas Anderson

18th century marriage records 
reveal the presence of:

ANDERSON, William           HALCOMB, Mary               01 Feb 1774
ANDERSON, Thomas            ANDERSON, Sarah Weldon      29 Apr 1778
LEGRAND, Josiah             ANDERSON, Elizabeth         08 Feb 1781
COCKE, Anderson             MICHAUX, Betsy              12 Sep 1782
LEWELLING, Anderson         RICE, Lucy                  08 Jun 1784
ANDERSON, David             HORSLEY, Lucy               19 Sep 1785
BRIGHTWELL, Anderson        BRIGHTWELL, Nancy           14 Dec 1786
ANDERSON, Robert            CARTER, Mildred [Mrs]       19 Apr 1790
WHITE, Anderson             ARMSTRONG, Jane             03 Jan 1791
ANDERSON, Larkin            McGEHEE, Elizabeth          17 Sep 1792
ANDERSON, Larkin            CARTER, Polly               31 Dec 1795
MEADOWS, John Anderson      CUNNINGHAM, Letty           29 Oct 1798
WADE, Anderson              CARTER, Milly Wade          10 Dec 1799
MILLER, Anderson P.         PERKINSON, Patsy            19 May 1800
DUDLEY, Ransone             ANDERSON, Mary              12 Feb 1801
FOWLKES, William            ANDERSON, Patsy             08 Apr 1802
LEWES, Joseph               ANDERSON, Mildred           24 Oct 1803
ANDERSON, Thomas            TAYLOR, Judith              26 Jul 1805
ANDERSON, Larkin            HINES, Elizabth             19 May 1806
ANDERSON, William           MARTIN, Mary V.             23 Nov 1808
LUMPKIN, Anderson           DAVIS, Lucy [Mrs]           01 Oct 1808
ANDERSON, Larkin            FOSTER, Judith T.           21 Jun 1809
CRAFTON, Anderson           FOWLKES, Mickey             30 Nov 1810

18th century Virginia land patents 
reveal the presence of:

Jordon 02/01/1781 Prince Edward Co
63.5a Branches of falling Creek adj Hill, Thaxton, etc
patents D/508

1810 Virginia Census

Anderson, David       Prince Edward    240  21101-11210-0,0
Anderson, John        Prince Edward    240  00011-00141-0,0
Anderson, Larkin      Prince Edward    240  00110-22010-0,0
Anderson, Larkin      Prince Edward    240  21110-10010-0,0
Anderson, William     Prince Edward    240  10100-00100-0,0


Mid 18th century records of Prince Edward County indicate patent claims for Bartelot and Charles Anderson brothers of the York Basin Anderson family, therefore it is likely that some of the above are descendants of theirs. Researchers in this county should be cautious, because there is quite a mix of families including those of the south side families as well as those from the north side of the James River.

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