Anderson in Halifax County

Anderson in Pittsylvania County

18th century marriage records 
reveal the presence of:

ANDERSON, Mathew            TANNER, Martha              16 Jan 1783
TURNER, James               ANDERSON, Jane              27 Nov 1784
WATSON, Anderson            STREETMAN, Sarah            06 Jan 1791
ANDERSON, Francis           MOTTLEY, Sally              24 Dec 1791
ANDERSON, John              CALLAWAY, Sally             13 Nov 1797
THACKER, Anderson           ROBERTSON, Selah            14 Feb 1804
ANDERSON, John              WALDEN, Lucy                10 Oct 1810

1810 Virginia Census



Grandsons of Richard Anderson who came from King and Queen County to Amelia County into western Halifax County in the portion that formed into Henry and Pittsylvania Counties, settled into Pittsylvania County. 

In addition sons of George Anderson who began in Orange County in 1736 and moved to Bedford County also settled in Pittsylvania County.

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