Anderson in Orange County

Anderson in Orange County

Late 18th century marriage records 
indicate the presence of:

ANDERSON, Nathan D.         BELL, Milley                24 Oct 1798
TAYLOR, James               ANDERSON, Nanny [Mrs]       27 May 1799
KIRTLEY, Jonathan           ANDERSON, Theodisa          13 Oct 1801

18th century Virginia patents 
reveal the presence of:

George 01/10/1736 Orange Co.
350a fork of Robinson River beginning at Elk Run adj Nicholas Ware

John 06/10/1740 Orange Co.
400a branch of north river of Shanando called Anderson Branch
patents 19/630

1810 Virginia Census



George and John are believed to be brothers and residents of Philadelphia who obtained these patents in central Virginia and brought their families south to live in Virginia. John Anderson was the father of the "four Brothers" who settled Augusta County. Orange County included all the lands west of it at the time these patents were made and the lands fell into Madison and Augusta County later.

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