Anderson in Amelia County

Anderson in Nottoway County

1810 Virginia Census

Anderson, John        Nottoway         017  01001-00021-0,0
Anderson, John F.     Nottoway         005  01100-01210-0,0
Anderson, Paulin      Nottoway         007  10010-40010-0,0


James Anderson, a grandson of Reynard Anderson, had advanced his land claims westward along the Butterwood Creek of Dinwiddie County and found himself by 1740 in the southern portion of Amelia county in the portion that became Nottoway County north of current Blackstone. He can be distinguished in Amelia county records from the next family by noticing that both he James, Sr. and his son James, Jr. married women by the christian name of Elizabeth.  His sons ended up in Nottoway County.

Another grouping of Andersons occurs just west of Blackstone in then Amelia but now Nottoway County founded by purchase and patent by James Anderson son of Thomas Anderson in 1732-1735. The James, Sr. and James, Jr. of this family can be distinguished in county records by the fact that both married women by the christian name Mary. James Sr. married a Rebecca as a second wife.  His son John Anderson was a life long resident of Nottoway County and helped build the town of Blackstone.

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