Anderson in Norfolk County

Anderson in Norfolk County

Late 18th century tax records 
indicate the presence of:


Late 18th century marriage records 
indicate the presence of:

ANDERSON, James             RITTER, Cherry              07 Jul 1785
ANDERSON, James             GAUTIER, Mary Anne          06 Sep 1803
RHODES, Jacob               ANDERSON, Ann               30 Apr 1805
KING, William               ANDERSON, Mary              20 Nov 1809

1810 Virginia Census

Anderson, Elizabeth   Norfolk          888  10010-00600-1,2
Anderson, Hetty       Norfolk          886  00000-00000-2,0
Anderson, John        Norfolk          135  01010-20110-0,1
Anderson, Lea         Norfolk          133  00000-01010-0,1
Anderson, Susanna     Norfolk          886  00000-00100-0,1
Anderson, William     Norfolk          133  00010-00101-0,3
Anderson, Wilson      Norfolk          887  00000-00000-5,0


I have no further information available on these individuals at present:

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