Anderson in Montgomery County

Anderson in Montgomery County

Late 18th century marriage records 
indicate the presence of:

KING, John                  ANDERSON, Peggy             06 Jan 1796
ANDERSON, George            BURTON, Polly               03 Mar 1802
HUTCHESON, Samuel           ANDERSON, Isabella          06 Jul 1804
SHEARMAN, Jacob             ANDERSON, Catherine         30 Jul 1804
SONGER, Jacob               ANDERSON, Eve               22 Mar 1808
SHOFFLEBARGER, Abram        ANDERSON, Polly             14 Feb 1808
MATTHEWS, Anderson          HEAVIN, Amy                 01 May 1810

18th century Virginia patents reveal the presence of:

Jacob 05/12/1790 Montgomery CO
450a New Creek branch of New River
grants 22/157

Jacob 03/29/1793 Montgomery Co
77a Middle Fox Creek branch of New River
grants 27/641

1810 Virginia Census

Anderson, George      Montgomery       032  30010-20110-0,0
Anderson, George      Montgomery       007  00110-00100-0,5
Anderson, Jacob       Montgomery       018  22004-31210-0,0


The brothers John and Jacob Anderson came to Montgomery County from Delaware shortly before it broke off Grayson County.

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