Anderson in Monongalia County

Anderson in Monongalia County

Late 18th Century tax records 
indicate the presence of:


Late 18th century marriage records 
indicate the presence of:

BELL, Robert                ANDERSON, Jane              08 May 1797

Virginia patent records 
indicate the presence of:

James 05/01/1784 Monongalia Co
400a on Simsons Creek adj Andrew Davison
Grants L/98

James 05/01/1784 Monongalia Co
400a Simsons Creek Adj JOhn Powers
grants M/14

James 01/01/1785 Monongalia Co
500a Hackers Creek
grants R/646

Joseph 12/18/1786 Monongalia Co
1000a ridge between Buffalo Creek and Bingamin adj his own
grants 7/337

Joseph 12/18/1786 Monongalia Co
1000a Mill Creek fork of Buffaloe Creek
grants 7/ 339

William 05/10/1787 Monongalia Co
1000a adj Richard Tenant, Michael Moorer on Stratlers Run branch of Dunkard Creek
grants 9/222

William 11/05/1787 Monongalia Co
1000a adj his own southeast side head of Slab Camp fork of Deckers Creek
grants 14/314

William 01/07/1788 Monongalia Co
2000a Cheat River adj John Overton & Thomas Evans
grants 14/545

William 01/07/1788 Monongalia Co
1000a Adj Thomas Evans & John Overton on Cheat River
grants 15/282

William 01/18/1792 Monongalia CO
300a co-patent John Downer
grants 25/440

1810 Virginia Census

Anderson, Archibald   Monongalia       406  10010-40010-0,3
Anderson, Charles     Monongalia       405  22010-21020-0,0
Anderson, Dan         Monongalia       408  10001-30010-0,0
Anderson, John        Monongalia       406  22010-11011-0,0


I have no further information on these individuals at present, but suspect associations with the Andersons of Frederick County.

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