Anderson in Lunenburg County

Anderson in Lunenburg County

Late 18th century marriage records 
indicate the presence of:

ANDERSON, Thomas            DAVIS, Sarah C.             03 Oct 1795
ANDERSON, John              CAMERON, Mary Reed          19 Aug 1797*
ANDERSON, Garland           HAMLETT, Nancy              10 Oct 1807
BAGLEY, Anderson            FOWLKES, Sarah C.           20 Apr 1809

*This John Anderson was the parish minister and his family is documented
in a book published about Cumberland Parish.

18th century Virginia patents 
reveal the presence of:

Bartelot 09/05/1749 Amelia Co
953a. in Amelia & Lunenburg head branches of south fork of Buffalo 
and Little Roanoake (of Hanover County)

Bartelot 11/01/1754 Lunenburg Co
1150a head branches of Little Roanoke and Buffalo adj Charles Anderson

Charles 07/05/1751 Lunenburg Co
240a both sides Cub Creek adj Thomas Harvey

Charles 07/05/1751 Lunenburg Co
886a west or upper side of Little Roanoke adj Lidderdale, Collings

Charles 08/16/1756 Lunenburg Co
315a both sides of Sandy Creek

Francis 08/16/1756 Lunenburg Co
400a head branches of Fly Blow and Strait Stone Creeks

Francis 08/16/1756 Lunenburg Co
400a branches of Owens Creek

Richard 09/20/1751 Lunenburg Co
348a both sides Great Polecat Creek adj McCulliams
patents 31/61

Richard 09/10/1755 Lunenburg Co
400a adj his own
patents 32/626

Richard 05/12/1759 Lunenburg Co
454a branch of Polecat Creek adj his own & Harris
patents 34/251

1810 Virginia Census

Anderson, James       Lunenburg        323  00101-00002-0,9
Anderson, Mason       Lunenburg        323  10010-20100-0,5
Anderson, Thomas      Lunenburg        323  41010-30010-0,3


Bartelot and Charles were brothers and grandsons of Robert Anderson. Francis and Richard were brothers and descendants of Richard Anderson.

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