Anderson in King and Queen County

Anderson in King and Queen County

18th Century Virginia Land Patents
indicate the presence of
Dorothy 04/25/1701 King & Queen Co
179.5a co-patent with WIlliam Andnerson

William 04/25/1701 King & Queen Co
179.5a Pamunkey Neck on Pounces Swamp adj Sarah Dabney
Patents 9/350 co-patent Dorothy Anderson nee Dabney his wife

1810 Virginia Census

Anderson, Beverly     King and Queen   214  20110-00010-0,9
Anderson, Churchill   King and Queen   214  20110-20100-0,9


Although the patents above are for William Anderson and Dorothy Dabney, who were of King William County after its formation; the primary family of King and Queen County were of the Richard Anderson family. The file I have on him documents his sons that moved to southwest Virginia, however I know of others who remained in King and Queen until after the revolution including Beverly Anderson and Churchill Anderson.

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