Anderson in Henrico County

Anderson in Henrico County

Late 18th century marriage records 
indicate the presence of:

ANDERSON, William           LIGGON, Mary                15 Jul 1698
ANDERSON, Henry             STRATTON, Prudence          01 May 1704
WILLIAMSON, Jacob           ANDERSON, Mary              20 Apr 1782
BARNES, Anderson            FUSSELL, Mary               23 Jun 1788
DEMPSTER, Robert            ANDERSON, Nancy             21 Nov 1789
ANDERSON, Nathaniel         RAWLINGS, Sarah [Mrs]       15 Nov 1792
ANDERSON, William           MINOR, Elizabeth            24 Dec 1793
MOSBY, Samuel               ANDERSON, Mary              27 May 1794
BAINE, Peter                ANDERSON, Nancy             11 Apr 1796
GRUBBS, Anderson            HALL, Nancy                 19 Mar 1799
FREEMAN, Anderson           WYSE, Barbara               21 Dec 1810
BARRELL, Anderson           SUTTON, Rebecca             18 Feb 1810

18th century Virginia patents 
reveal the presence of:

Henry 07/15/1717 Henrico Co
500a north of Appomattox River below Sapony town

Henry 03/24/1725 Henrico Co
900a north side of Appomattox River south side of Anderson branch

1810 Virginia Census

Anderson, Maria       Henrico          123  00000-00000-6,0


In records from the period near 1700 of Henrico county reference can be found to:

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