Anderson in Harrison County

Anderson in Harrison County

Late 18th century marriage records 
indicate the presence of:

HARRIS, Charles             A536 ANDERSON, Hannah            25 Feb 1786
CORBIN, Anderson            H520 HAINES, Elizabeth           10 Mar 1789
ANDERSON, Isaac             M500 MAHONE, Anne                29 Mar 1790
JONES, William              A536 ANDERSON, Sarah             28 Mar 1796
ANDERSON, John              R200 ROSS, Rachel                28 Apr 1798

Virginia land patent records 
indicate the presence of:

John 10/20/1786 Harrison Co
375a bothsides Boothes Creek adj heirs of James Booth
grants 7/211

James 11/14/1785 Harrison Co
417a Simpson's Creek above mouth Barris's Run
Grants S/646

James 08/01/1786 Harrison Co
234a Booths Creek
grants 1/430

James 08/01/1786 Harrison Co
1000a head of Joseph Davisons run & drain of Simpsons Creek
grants 3/545

James 06/12/1787 Harrison Co
356a Simpsons Creek
grants 11/384

James 06/12/1787 Harrison Co
283a westside Tygers Valley River adj survey of George Teaters
grants 11/386

James 04/18/1788 Harrison Co
400a Jugan's Run a drain of Tygers Valley River
Grants 16/576

James 01/23/1787 Harrison Co
1000a co-patent with Sml Hanway Monongalia River canoe Creek Crooked Run
grants 11/16

James 11/20/1784 Harrison Co
1000a co-patent Sml Hanway freemans creek branch of west fork
grants N/385

1810 Virginia Census

Anderson, Jack        Harrison         083  40010-00100-0,0
Anderson, James       Harrison         105  00000-02001-0,0
Anderson, John        Harrison         077  10010-21010-0,2


I have no further information on this James at present.

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