Anderson in Halifax County

Anderson in Halifax County

Late 18th century tax records 
indicate the presence of:

ANDERSON, Jonathan
ANDERSON, Meade - see Descendants of Richard Anderson

Late 18th century marriage records 
indicate the presence of:

KEARBY, Richard             ANDERSON, Esther            27 Jul 1767
LIGON, John                 MARTIN, Nancy Anderson      12 Nov 1782
KIRBY, John                 ANDERSON, Orpha             19 Dec 1786
FARGUSON, John              ANDERSON, Sarah             07 Jan 1789
HANCOCK, Anderson           BRUMFIELD, Jerusha          24 Oct 1791
KIRBY, Richard              ANDERSON, Alice             18 Apr 1791
ANDERSON, Thomas            HALEY, Polly                26 Dec 1791
EASLEY, Daniel              ANDERSON, Edith             23 Nov 1791
HURST, Anderson             MEDLEY, Mary                26 Aug 1794
ANDERSON, William           HITSON, Sally               14 Dec 1795
ANDERSON, John              PETTY, Sarah                26 Jan 1795
KIRBY, Jeremiah             ANDERSON, Esther            06 Mar 1797
HURST, Anderson J.          POINTER, Elizabeth          23 Jul 1798
BOYD, William J.            ANDERSON, Margaret          24 Feb 1800
MILNER, Jeremiah            ANDERSON, Orpha             27 Jan 1800
ANDERSON, Richard           GRAVES, Polly               05 Dec 1804
ANDERSON, Andrew            ANDERSON, Orpha             25 Jan 1804
FARMER, Pleasant            ANDERSON, Jency             24 May 1804
CRENSHAW, Anderson          MARTIN, Susanna             21 Dec 1805
WALL, Braxton               ANDERSON, Judith            15 Apr 1805
ROADS, Anderson             STRANGE, Vincey             24 Oct 1806
JONES, Thomas               ANDERSON, Ann               29 Sep 1806
TERRY, David                ANDERSON, Betsy             22 Dec 1807
JAMES, Joshua               SMITH, Patsy Anderson       22 Jun 1807
FARGUSON, Joseph            ANDERSON, Sarah             25 Sep 1807
ANDERSON, James             HARDING, Ann                25 Jan 1808
ANDERSON, John              FARGUSON, Elizabeth         26 Sep 1808
ANDERSON, Jones             FARGUSON, Sally             27 Mar 1809
ANDERSON, Meades            ROBERTS, May                23 Oct 1809
PERVELL, Anderson           TANNER, Lucy A.             06 Oct 1809
SEAMORE, George             ANDERSON, Sinah             16 Jul 1810

18th century Virginia Land patents 
reveal the presence of:

Paulin 03/03/1760 Halifax Co
6200a co-patent Richard Anderson, John Watkins
patents 33/673

Ralph C. 02/09/1790 Halifax Co
83a draughts of Black Walnut Creek adj Martins land
grants 22/73

Richard 03/03/1760 Halifax Co
6200a co-patent Paulin Anderson & John Watkins
south side Banister River both sides Sandy Creek adj James Parish Robert Walton etc
patents 33/673

1810 Virginia Census



These were the most part descendents of Richard Anderson who came from Amelia County into western Halifax County the portion that formed into Henry and Pittsylvania Counties. Ralph Crawford Anderson lived in Chesterfield County and was from the Reynard Anderson family.

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