Anderson in Fluvanna County

Anderson in Fluvanna County

Late 18th century tax records 
indicate the presence of:

ANDERSON, Benjamin
ANDERSON, George Jr.
ANDERSON, George Sr.
ANDERSON, Nathaniel

Late 18th century marriage records 
indicate the presence of:

ANDERSON, Nathaniel         MAYO, Mary                  20 Nov 1785*
PAYNE, Richard B.           ANDERSON, Judith            12 Jan 1795
BOWLES, Anderson            PERKINS, Nancy              22 Jan 1795
ROWE, Anderson              LYON, Nancy                 27 Feb 1800
STANLEY, Anderson           WALKER, Elizabeth H.        25 Nov 1802
ANDERSON, Robert            PUCKETT, Rachel             04 Sep 1808
MINTER, Scrugg              ANDERSON, Caty              25 Dec 1810
* Caution: There are two marriage bonds in Virginia like this: one here in Chesterfield for Nathan and Mary Ann Mayo and another in Fluvanna for Nathaniel and Mary Mayo separated by a year or so, but regrettably the similarity in names has caused most compilers of marriages for Virginia to combine these bonds into one record. This is not so, they were two different couples. In addition this has caused many researchers to cross link these two distinct families. Mary and Mary Ann (Marianne) were cousins. Nathan was from a south side Anderson family and Nathaniel from a north side Anderson family.
18th century Virginia land patents 
reveal the presence of:

Nathaniel 03/01/1781 Fluvanna Co
305a both sides of middle fork of Cary Creek in fork of James River
grants c/537

1810 Virginia Census
Anderson, Benjamin    Fluvanna         284  02101-10001-0,0
Anderson, Benjamin    Fluvanna         284  00010-00010-0,4
Anderson, George      Fluvanna         284  00101-00001-0,4
Anderson, George, Jr. Fluvanna         284  21010-20010-0,0


These men are sons of George Anderson who was a son of Matthew Anderson and are members of the York River Watershed family spreading southwestward.

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