Anderson in Charles City County

Anderson in Charles City County

1810 Virginia Census
Name                  County           Page Family Statistics

Anderson, Hall        Charles City     942  00000-00000-1,0


The area of Charles City County had been significantly reduced from its original area by 1800 thus there are few Andersons present by 1800. However as Charles City County in 1635 represented everything west and south of the head waters of the James River the early days of the county, contain records of numerous progenitors of south side Anderson families.

Of particular interest are Charles Anderson minister of Westover Parish who administered to both north side and south side services of Charles City County between 1687 and 1718. Charles owned 500 acres on the south side in the eastern end of current Prince George County, but had his home in the Parish Glebe at Westover.

A neighbor of Charles was Thomas Anderson north of current Dusputania, whose presence as juror and witness to Charles City County Court records suggest that he too often made the crossing of the James River to attend the County Court at Westover in the 1690's.

Another progenitor of a significant south side Anderson family was Reynard Anderson who lived considerably farther west in the south side of Charles City County just east of current Petersburg near Bailey's Creek.

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