Anderson in Botetourt County

Anderson in Botetourt County

Late 18th century tax records 

indicate the presence of:

Early 19th century marriage records 
reveal the presence of:

ANDERSON, Robert            LEMMON, Elizabeth           02 Apr 1801
ANDERSON, George            DOUGLAS, Polly              25 Sep 1804
WOOLWINE, George            ANDERSON, Elizabeth         27 Mar 1804
ANDERSON, James             REYNOLDS, Nancy             07 Feb 1807
ANDERSON, William           HARRIS, Deborah             21 Jun 1810
RHODES, Mathias             ANDERSON, Martha            13 Mar 1810

18th century Virginia land patents 
indicate the presence of:

David 12/07/1774 Botetourt Co
170a branch of James River adj James Johnson

James 07/28/1788 Botetourt Co
100a Looneys Mill Creek adj his own & Philip Weaver
grants 18/278

James 06/16/1794 Botetourt CO
200a co-patent with James Moore
grants 31/215

John 05/09/1794 Botetourt Co
192a Old Filed Creek branch of Little RIver
grants 31/334

Robert 06/20/1772 Botetourt Co
650a bothsides Catawbo Creek a branch of James River
patents 40/735

Robert 07/19/1787 Botetourt Co
70a Catoco Creek branch of James River adj Wm Snodgrass & John Rightsman
grants 13/ 272

Robert 04/13/1797 Botetourt Co
3000a co-patent uriah Humphrey
grants 37/219

Robert 09/05/1799 Botetourt Co
500a co-patent Zachariah Stanley
grants 41/456

Robert 09/05/1799 Botetourt Co
300a James River adj heirs of John Henderson, John Pitzer on road leading to Cowpasture River
grants 42/604

Robert 09/05/1799 Botetourt Co
130a Catawbo Creek branch of James River adj Andw Wilson & Heirs of David Mitchell
grants 42/605

Robert 09/05/1799 Botetourt Co
400a Dry Run branch of Jacksons RIver adj Christian, Conrod Fudek, George Chambers
grants 42/607

Robert 09/16/1799 Botetourt Co
35a Looneys Creek branch of James RIver adj Geo Warner, Hugh McNeal decd & James Creary
grants 41/404

Robert 09/23/1799 Botetourt Co
1000a co-patent Zachariah Stanley
grants 41/419

Robert 08/15/1800 Botetourt Co
500a co-patent Michael Book
grants 47/92

Robert 03/26/1801 Botetourt Co
850a Sinking Creek branch of New RIver, Craigs Creek branch of James RIver
grants 48/225

Robert 03/27/1801 Botetourt CO
40a Catawbo Creek branch of James River adj Jacob Pters, Price, Preenk
grants 48/222

Robert 05/12/1801 Botetourt Co
250a Sinking Creek branch of New River adj James Trenor & Nathan Ekins
grants 49/147

Robert 08/06/1801 Botetourt Co
1000a co-patent Zachariah Stanley
grants 49/393

Robert 04/12/1805 Botetourt Co
580a Catawbo Creek branch of James River
grants 54/132

Robert 08/27/1806 Botetourt Co
100a Dunlaps Creek branch of Jacksons River adj Sampson Sawyers and Samuel Brown
grants 56/116

Robert 04/20/1809 Botetourt Co
38a Catawbo Creek branch of James RIver
grants 58/15

Robert 08/11/1801 Botetourt Co
100a co-patent Mary Caldwell Bourdons run branch of Catawbo Creek
grants49/ 468

Robert 10/12/1799 Botetourt Co
150a co-patent John Depwe Glad Creek of Roanoke RIver adj James Ripley Frederick Black
grants 41/485

Thomas 05/13/1795 Botetourt Co
445a branches of Dry Run branch of James RIver
grants 32/254

Thomas 05/13/1795 Botetourt Co
445a branches of Dry Run branch of James RIver
grants 32/255

William 02/27/1784 Botetourt Co
250a Purgatory Creek adj William Maxwell
Grants I/435

William 08/06/1787 Botetourt Co
60a Jennings Creek branch of James River adj his own
grants 10/477

William 06/09/1792 Botetourt Co
3100a both sides James River adj Thomas Crow, Boyd & John MIlls
grants 26/525

William 07/03/1795 Botetourt Co
54a Indian Draft Waters of Jacksons River adj William Taylor, Moses Mann
grants 32/291

William 04/16/1796 Botetourt Co
50a Back Creek branch of James Ricer
grants 35/140

William 09/30/1799 Botetourt Co
500a co-patent Matthew harvey
grants 414/438

William 05/12/1801 Botetourt Co
330a co-patent John Wiley
grants 49/202

William 07/26/1804 Botetourt Co
30a Catawbo Creek branch of James River
grants 53/209

William 04/24/1805 Botetourt Co
200a co-patent John Cox
grants 55/231

1810 Virginia Census

Name                  County           Page Family Statistics

Anderson, James, Jr.  Botetourt        607  20100-00200-0,0
Anderson, James, Jr.  Botetourt        604  21010-31010-0,4
Anderson, James, Sr.  Botetourt        604  00001-00001-0,0
Anderson, John        Botetourt        607  22310-20010-0,0
Anderson, Josias      Botetourt        607  00001-00000-0,0
Anderson, Robert Jr.  Botetourt        602  30020-50200-0,0
Anderson, William     Botetourt        602  31002-12011-0,6
Anderson, William Jr  Botetourt        607  00100-00100-0,0
Anderson, William Sr  Botetourt        607  11101-01101-0,1

These men are mostly Descendents of Robert Anderson of Botetourt County.  This family also needs additional tracing and documentation.

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